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September 9, 2019

Your Journey to Cloud with Oreta; Assessing, Migrating and Modernising

In 2018, Oreta showcased the hybrid container deployment models using Google Kubernetes engine, Istio and Cisco container platforms. In 2019, we are taking it one step […]
July 14, 2019

Considering migrating to G-Suite? Our thoughts by Maksym Hlushko, our Senior Project Manager

Oreta recently migrated to the G-Suite platform – our Senior Project Manager Maksym Hlushko, reflects upon unique features and what key business issues the platform solves
June 14, 2019

Why we took the leap from Microsoft Office 365 to G-Suite

So why did a company like Oreta, who was born in the cloud, with a heritage in Microsoft Office 365, take the leap to G-Suite?
May 23, 2019

What are Containers and why are they important?

These days when we hear the word Containers, most people tend to think Docker & the famous blue whale while others imagine actual shipping containers.
April 12, 2019

The promise of the container ecosystem and the service mesh: why is it important in a true hybrid cloud economy?

We’ll be taking the opportunity to shed some light on why Containers are the exciting new technology.
March 16, 2019

Does your organisation use Veeam Backup? Learn about the latest updates

Here’s our latest tech update from Oreta in regards a popular Microsoft product.
February 25, 2019

Here’s what you need to know If your organisation still uses Windows Server 2008 or 2008R2.

Here’s our latest tech update from Oreta in regards a popular Microsoft product.
October 22, 2018

A Best Practice Assessment – Here’s what you need to know

Palo Alto Networks offers a Best Practice Assessment tool that lets you know what specific changes you’d need to make on your firewall to address the […]
September 8, 2018

What can be achieved using Google App Maker?

In this blog post, Don (our very talented Senior Cloud Architect) explains what Google App Maker is and how it can help businesses solve problems.

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