Transforming with SD-WAN

Transforming with SD-WAN

Transforming with SD-WAN


What is SD-WAN?

The software-defined wide-area network allows for a new way to manage WAN connections such as broadband internet, 4G, LTE, or MPLS. It connects networks of all sizes from SMB to enterprise — including branch offices and data centres — over large geographic distances. Customers no longer need to invest in expensive, proprietary technology to get the connectivity they need. SD-WAN allows customers to a range of technologies to deliver higher values of service.

SD-WAN essentially virtualises the network and abstracts much of the complexity from the customer. It is now possible to use lower cost links for backup (think NBN or 4G) as opposed to paying for diverse path point to point connections. All the management of these links are centralised and traffic can be routed via the most appropriate path. This approach can significantly assist organisations who are looking to deploy into Hybrid and Multi-cloud environments.

Getting your design right

While many SD-WAN solutions may make it sound simple to deploy and manage, it is crucial to not miss the design phase of your overall network requirement. Understanding traffic flows, firewall rules, application dependencies and system performance needs to bring any SD-WAN project to a halt. It is also crucial to build a level of future proofing into your design. Incorrect sizing of the equipment to meet your future business needs is a very typical issue that hits many organisations. SD-WAN allows you to scale your network bandwidth needs but it needs to have the capacity itself for the number of users going through it, especially for things like remote VPN and FW throughput.

How can we help?

Oreta has multiple in-house resources that can help assist you to understand your business needs and help you transform your network to meet your future goals. Most of these resources are certified with our industry partners in this area, for example, Cisco. We have a deep technical understanding of the full Cisco SD-WAN stack from small to medium business products (Meraki) to the large scale enterprise (Viptella). We also bring our strong background in connectivity options from Telstra, Equinix as well as AWS, Azure and GCP.

We can tailor your SD-WAN solution to use the lowest cost links while giving you the highest levels of service and security. If you would like to find out if SD-WAN could suit your business, get in touch with us here.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with our team of passionate experts.