Network Services

Effective networking across locations is key when enterprises increasingly need agility, innovation and transparency to stay competitive.

Network Services

Network Services

Network services is at the core of our business and DNA. Solutions like cloud are essentially islands without an effective network strategy in place. For many organisations, existing network designs were built to service on-premise requirements. Many of today’s businesses, both big and small, are operating in hybrid configurations, taking advantage of public cloud hyperscalers, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers as we as on-premise resources. Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) requirements have changed and are having a higher reliance on accessing cloud-based services for BAU operations.

We are a Telstra gold partner for network services and a Cisco select partner. We also have relationships with Data Centre providers likestyle Equinix. We cover a broad range of technologies from MPLS, NextIP, Dark Fibre, TID, SD-WAN and NBN. We deploy services that can leverage cloud aggregation technologies like Cloud Gateway and Equinix Cloud Exchange, supporting private connections to Cloud providers.

We understand how the IT landscape is changing and how critical a flexible, reliable network infrastructure is operating a competitive business. This doesn’t necessarily mean starting again from scratch, but assessing your needs against your business goals and providing an appropriate level of flexibility to meet them.

Here are some of the key services we provide. We also provide bespoke engagements if our standard services don’t fully meet your requirements

Network – Advisory

Audit read more
Provide a network audit of your existing LAN and WAN to feed your network strategy with deliverables including a topology map, device configuration, transiting traffic profile, layer 2 and layer 3 protocol setup.

Strategy read more
Develop a network strategy that aligns your IT needs with the the delivery of the service to end users. Transition your network from a traditional to cloud aligned network.

Architecture read more
Provide a design framework pertaining to a strategic network solution. Based on the selected strategy, the architecture artefacts are developed for LAN and WAN. These include concept diagrams, HLDs, policies and standardisations, all based on best practices. e.g. Manufacturing company, financial services company.

Capacity Planning
Multi-Cloud Design read more
Provide a specific advisory service for connectivity of customer's cloud or multi-cloud infrastructure to their WAN and LAN networks. This includes an analysis of existing device capablity, cloud provider and service provider options, interfacing and routing - which evloves into a multi-cloud design document.

Network - Delivery

Cloud Connectivityread more
Offer deployment solutions for on prem to cloud connectivity. Expertise on Google, AWS and Azure environments e.g Woolworths, Kings, MMSG.

DC & LAN Deploymentread more
Deployment service from managing link deployments, design validation tests (DVT), equipment deployment ("rack and stack"), configuration development, interfacing and integration services to existing network and project management. e.g BJ Ball, Costa, Kings, MMSG, NCI.

MPLS/SD-WANread more
LAN and WAN Design - In this area, Oreta offers detailed LAN and WAN design. It includes low level design, rack layouts, IP addressing schema and port / device level security. MMSG, Kings, BJ Ball.

Network - Operations

Managed SD-WANread more
Offer both proactive and incident based managed services for SDWAN solutions. Services include but not limited to firmware updates, patch management, move and and changes. e.g Kings.

Managed LANread more
Monitoring and management of office networks and data centre networks. Proactive LAN environment management. Performance of the network and alerting of any unexpected changes in the network (e.g. spanning tree changes, port errors etc) are immediately addressed. e.g Rural health service.

Network Insightsread more
Managed services for WAN traffic analysis, anomaly detection and application identification which provides inputs to traffic shaping policy and an efficient utilization of WAN links. e.g Transport company.

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