Network Services

Effective networking across locations is key when enterprises increasingly need agility, innovation and transparency to stay competitive.

Network Services

Network Services

Network services is at the core of our business and DNA. Solutions like cloud are essentially islands without an effective network strategy in place. For many organisations, existing network designs were built to service on-premise requirements. Many of today’s businesses, both big and small, are operating in hybrid configurations, taking advantage of public cloud hyperscalers, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers as we as on-premise resources. Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) requirements have changed and are having a higher reliance on accessing cloud-based services for BAU operations.

We are a Telstra gold partner for network services and a Cisco select partner. We also have relationships with Data Centre providers likestyle Equinix. We cover a broad range of technologies from MPLS, NextIP, Dark Fibre, TID, SD-WAN and NBN. We deploy services that can leverage cloud aggregation technologies like Cloud Gateway and Equinix Cloud Exchange, supporting private connections to Cloud providers.

We understand how the IT landscape is changing and how critical a flexible, reliable network infrastructure is operating a competitive business. This doesn’t necessarily mean starting again from scratch, but assessing your needs against your business goals and providing an appropriate level of flexibility to meet them.

Here are some of the key services we provide. We also provide bespoke engagements if our standard services don’t fully meet your requirements

Network Assessment, Strategy & Design

A comprehensive review of existing network design, including performance metrics, bottlenecks with recommendations for both immediate improvement and future needs. This engagement incorporates automated data gathering tools and analysis by deep domain network specialists.

An accurate network design can be the difference between business success and failure. We start with understanding your business requirements and future needs. We typically recommend completing a network assessment before a design, but this isn’t always necessary, especially if your revised requirements is a significant departure from your existing configuration. Our design experts have years of hands-on experience with designing, deploying and managing complex networks. Our designs include fully costed models with options on specific technologies that can take out most of the heavy lifting in developing a business case.

Procurement, Migration & Implementation

Whether we have developed your Network strategy or you have completed one yourself, we can assist you in the effective deployment of your requirements. We partner with some of the biggest names in the network industry, including Cisco and Telstra, where we can leverage their huge buying power to ensure the best commercial outcome. We manage the physical preparation and configuration of equipment with direct to site deployment options. We have a team of expert project managers who live and breath network migration and deployment. From single sites, through to hundreds of remote locations, we have the methodologies and expertise to deliver your project on time and budget. Migrations and new deployments for networks often require outages and we understand what an unplanned/extensive outage can mean. We have well-tested methodologies for testing and deploying, managing outages and issue management. We manage all aspects of the project, including management of vendors, other subcontractors as well as working with network and data centre providers.

Managed Network Services (WAN/LAN/WiFi)

Traditional management models for Networking focused primarily on keeping the lights on. With much of a network topology being static (think bandwidth & traffic flows), most management was focused on problem remediation.

With greater adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud, along with deployments of SD-WAN technologies, network management needs to be highly dynamic and automated. Oreta has built a network managed service that not only takes care of basics like keeping networks running but does it with a high level of automation and visibility. Our Australian based management team work with you to build a streamlined transition and operational model that builds in appropriate levels of automation and control.

We have different tiers of support to suit your budget and risk profile. We operate under a well-tested governance model, built on trust and excellent communication. We support private, public and government organisations of varying sizes and complexities.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with our team of passionate experts.