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Oreta’s Managed Services team is there to support you and your IT team in managing your IT environment wherever and whenever you need us.


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Oreta excels in providing Managed Services to its valued clients. Our clients have the confidence that they can focus on their core business, knowing they have the best IT services at hand.

To meet business demands, organisations need to provide insights to user experience, respond quickly and scale effectively to meet business requirements.

Many IT organisations are under enormous pressure to move faster and always improve while continuing to run and maintain their existing IT infrastructure. To sustain business agility and generate growth, organisations need to keep up their skills, processes, and resources.

At Oreta, we address these challenges with our Managed Services spanning cloud, networking, and security. We offer solutions that align with your organisation’s IT requirements. We can take the stress out of managing one of your organisation’s keys to success – your technology.

Oreta’s Services

Oreta bridges the gap in your organisation’s IT skill, process, and tooling. We automate to drive scalability, we adopt a bimodal approach of maintenance and innovation, and adopt a security first approach. Our experienced team of technical engineers are available to support you and your team in providing a broad range of Managed Services in:

Cloud – We work in collaboration with your IT team to support and evaluate the performance of your traditional and cloud-native architecture. We can support any infrastructure, private, public or hybrid-managed environment, securely and optimally.

If you are considering a move to cloud, let Oreta make your journey stress-free. Our team can complete your set up, monitor, and maintain your infrastructure, and design and implement backup and disaster recovery solutions, best suited to your IT needs.

Oreta ensures your environment is always running securely and optimally to guarantee the best ROI.

Network – We provide fully managed physical and virtual network and infrastructure services, including managed SD-WAN/LAN, Disaster Response Recovery, and insights to assist your organisation in achieving traffic shaping policies and usage efficiencies.

Oreta helps you visualise how efficient your network is and create solutions to maximise productivity.

Security – We can proactively manage your firewalls, ensuring an optimal experience for applications' users and safeguard your network against unwanted intrusions, including trojans and other malware. We ensure the right level of compliance level is maintained, enabling an agile response to any potential security breach or cyberattack.

Oreta secures your infrastructure reducing your organisation’s frustration of any major disruptions.

Transition to Managed Services

We have structured our transition model to ensure the move to our Managed Services is as seamless as possible. From the planning stage to going live with support, we take care of every step so you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

As our way of saying 'thanks' for choosing Oreta as your preferred Managed Services Provider we like to reward our new clients.

Pre-paid IT Support Services

Get access to Oreta’s team of IT specialists with our pre-paid IT services. Choose the level of support you require with no fixed, long-term contracts. Upon signing up we will assign a senior specialist as your primary contact who will ensure your needs as met from the very start, giving you the immediate confidence to focus on other aspects of your business.

Is Managed Services right for your business?

There are many compelling reasons why you should consider implementing a Managed Service. Oreta provides optimal flexible resourcing, ensuring that no matter what the challenges are, you can be assured that you are on the right path to achieving your IT objectives.

Many organisations, like yours, have engaged Oreta to deliver its Managed Service for many reasons. Does your organisation tick one of the boxes below?

Why choose Oreta?

We understand that every organisation is different, and their needs are constantly evolving. We pride ourselves on offering a range of Managed Services aimed at meeting your unique circumstances.

Success Stories

See how Oreta has successfully delivered to several of its clients, including Greenstone, Kings Group and Axieo to name a few...


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