Managed Services

Scale your business more effectively, be more responsive to changes in technology and gain greater insights to your users’ experience with Oreta’s managed services. Our services are 100% onshore allowing you to come say “Hi” to our engineers and witness our operations.  

For many organisations, IT is the backbone of their operations, from getting work done to how they communicate with their customers. Many are under enormous pressure to move faster and continuously improve their existing IT infrastructure. To sustain business agility, generate growth and keep up with the pace, organisations need to have the right resources, capacity, expertise, and time. However, this can often be difficult to achieve.

Oreta’s Managed IT services aim to be an extension of your IT team, committed to providing you with the support, knowledge, and confidence that you have the best services at hand to manage your technology systems so that you can focus on growing your business.

Outsource your IT management so you can focus on the bigger picture. Growing your business.

Managed Services comes with many advantages to help your business thrive. Our team delivers a service of distinction, giving you the confidence that our support will help your business succeed.

Gain greater insights

into your users experience & increase your automation & standard processes, which will lead to greater business efficiencies.

Respond quickly

to changes in technology and have a greater focus on the strategic issues.

Scale effectively

as digital business demands evolve, and grasp disruptions in technology as an opportunity not a hindrance.

Achieve greater control

over your IT operating costs and reduce the difficulty of hiring and managing a high turnover of IT resources.

What we offer

Our team of IT experts are here to deliver you a range of managed IT service solutions – spanning cloud, networking and security – ensuring we meet all your needs.

Managed Cloud Services

We work in collaboration with your IT team to support and evaluate the performance of your traditional and cloud-native architecture. We assist you on the entire journey to cloud, from our Cloud Right assessment, migration, and implementation to ongoing support no matter if you are on a private cloud, public cloud, or on a hybrid platform.
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    Your IT support team is also committed to ensuring that you fully prepared for an unforeseen event (e.g. outage) that may disrupt your business operations. Our technical experts will support you in developing Business Continuity plans and cloud backup strategies to protect your business from data loss or downtime.

    If you are considering a move to the cloud, let Oreta make your journey stress-free. Our team can complete your set up, monitor, and maintain your infrastructure, manage any incidents onsite or remotely, and tailor disaster recovery solutions that best suit your IT needs.

    We ensure your environment is always running securely and optimally to guarantee the best ROI with no business disruptions or data loss.

Managed Network Services

We provide fully managed physical and virtual network and infrastructure services, including managed SD-WAN/LAN, Disaster Response Recovery, and insights to assist your organisation in achieving traffic shaping policies and usage efficiencies.
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    If you considering updating your network, from identifying your business needs to rolling out new network technology, our team will make modernising your infrastructure trouble-free.

    We help you to visualise how efficient your network is and create solutions to maximise productivity.

Managed Security Services

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and regular. Our Managed Security Service (MSS) ensures your safety is always front of mind. We proactively manage your firewalls, ensuring an optimal experience for your applications’ users.
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    We safeguard your network against unwanted intrusions, including trojans and other malware. We ensure the right level of compliance level is maintained, enabling an agile response to any potential security breach or cyberattack.

    If you considering upgrading your security and developing a comprehensive incident response plan, our team of security experts can work with you to eliminate your risks of cyberthreats.  

    We secure your infrastructure, reducing your organisation’s frustration with any major disruptions.

How we partner with you

We use a bimodal approach of maintenance and innovation to help shape how we deliver our managed IT services around your business needs. Our broad range of cost-effective managed IT service offerings gives you the benefit of 24 x 7, 365-day support from our team of technical experts, ensuring optimal performance in a secure IT environment..

Use of cloud-native architectures and Next-Gen features

Use of proven automation and security-based operations

Deliver most advanced analytics

Management of your security posture

Regular performance reports, providing full transparency of your IT environment

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Why choose Oreta?

We go above and beyond to strengthen and further enhance your capabilities to take your business to a whole new level.

Distinctive service

Our IT support team will automate tasks to reduce the risk of incidents and associated downtime. Your IT will be managed seamlessly, with the best of care.

It’s your data

Your data needs to be protected. It is everything to your business. It is our priority to backup your data often so it stays where it should.

Peace of mind

Your dedicated Account Manager is your single point of contact for all your needs. They will work with you to regularly assess and plan how you will get the most out of your technology.

100% Australian

Oreta is 100% Australian owned and operated. We are proud to invest in the aptitude and expertise of locals who live and breathe IT. Our support teams are located in Sydney and Melbourne so we can provide both onsite and remote support when required.

You are our priority

Our success is underpinned by our relationship with you. We take pride in exceeding your expectations. When you choose Oreta as your preferred Managed IT Services Provider, you become part of our team.

End-to-end services

We work in partnership with you to unleash the potential of technology and drive business outcomes through secure networking and cloud technologies through our advisory, delivery and managed services.

We have implemented a significant change since engaging Oreta. Oreta provided a snapshot of our existing setup and proposed alternatives. The massive changes we have implemented have given us a level of comfort in terms of reliability and security. If you are looking for a Managed Service Provider, I would recommend you consider partnering with Oreta. We found them very easy to deal with, able to answer questions we had and offered a desirable cost-effective solution. We are so pleased we decided to go with Oreta.

– Dan, Chief Information Officer, Nunyara

Get 24×7 IT support with Oreta’s managed IT services.

Our team is available to support you and your IT team in managing your IT environment wherever and whenever you need us. Find out how.