Why is it important to have network visibility?

C-suite executives have a myriad of tasks and responsibilities, often overlooking or not understanding the technicalities of Network beyond the initial implementation. So, with staff needing to connect to anything, anywhere, at any time, how do they know how their network is performing at their various locations? Or how much network downtime their organisation has experienced? Which of their applications are using up the most bandwidth? Or what divestments or investments they should be making?

Network visibility allows businesses to drill down on their operations and mitigate the risk of flying blind. Understanding the network performance across multiple sites including downtime and application bandwidth allows businesses to maximise their cost allocation and increase their service delivery performance.

What is the best solution to gain network visibility across all your sites?

What Oreta has found is that senior executives do have granular network information; however, it is in disparate systems and often at a technical level of detail that isn’t easily digestible. Consequently, they must rely on specialists and spend additional time in getting the information they need which is not sustainable.

GlanceX leverages data from within the various IT/vendor domains (such as network) and presents this information so that decision makers can see within seconds if their IT estate is operating effectively and if not, pinpoint quickly and accurately when and where the problem may be. GlanceX complements the existing tools from infrastructure vendors rather than attempting to replace it. The top-level dashboard shows holistic daily health checks of network operations for the previous 30 days. From this overview, the CIO’S can make investing and divesting decisions to maximise cost efficiency. The ease-of-use experience also makes GlanceX the perfect solution for any business, with anytime at any location via a simple, dedicated web browser link.

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