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Your data is your most valuable asset. Privacy breaches. Data theft. Disruption. Downtime. Safeguard your business against these security threats with Oreta’s security services.

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It is scary to think that your IT infrastructure could be less secure than you think. Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and complex. Businesses are facing new vulnerabilities every day. It can be time-consuming and costly to effectively protect your business from potential threats but ignoring them could cost you far more than just time and money.

As a leading cybersecurity service provider, Oreta understands the importance of getting your security posture correct. Leveraging the advanced features of the Next Gen firewall and SASE technologies, we can proactively defend your business from any breaches 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Do not expose your systems to potential breaches that could jeopardise your business.

We use the best toolkits to give you confidence that your cloud and network are protected from potential cyberattacks and to help you:

Protect customers

Making sure your data systems are secure has never been more critical. Security challenges faced by businesses, including yours, are multifaceted and constantly evolving. Ensure your business is protected from cybersecurity breaches and avoid compromising your data. By protecting your data, you are safeguarding your brand and most importantly, your customers.

Protect business

Do not be the next victim of a cyber-attack. With today’s digital transformation, there are very few limits to how we connect, network, and collaborate. There are numerous advantages to how technology is evolving; however, risks exist. As technology advances, cyberattacks become more sophisticated. Businesses must continue to adjust and protect themselves from cyberattacks that can happen at any time.

Have peace of mind

Be prepared to respond as quickly as possible no matter how big your business is. You can detect, manage, and mitigate cyber threats, ransomware attacks, and endpoint breaches by developing incident response plans. These plans are critical to enabling your business to return to business-as-usual after an attack, with minimal disruption.

What we offer

It is crucial to adopt and tailor appropriate security levels needed for your organisation, rather than overburdening your organisation with processes that will, over time, slow you down and potentially create additional security problems.

Incident Response Plan

A speedy response is critical to ensuring your business incurs minimal disruption if you experience a cyberattack. Oreta understands the full spectrum of security threats and can implement a holistic approach to protecting your business. Our cybersecurity experts work with you to develop a plan to immediately identify, monitor and alleviate the risk of a potential attack. By carefully analysing your existing IT infrastructure and systems and addressing any vulnerabilities, your business will have a robust security posture that will be ready to respond to any attack effectively.

Next Gen Firewalls

Modern networks have multiple entry points and many users, which can increase the risk of intrusions. We have the expertise and systems in place to ensure your business has the right protection it needs. We employ the latest Next-Generation Firewall features that offer the best protection level for your IT systems while giving you complete control over your network, applications, and data.

Network Security (SASE)

A SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution is the best way to integrate your network with security and SD-WAN. It is changing the landscape of networks today. Our SASE solutions improve your network’s security posture, your business, and your most important data assets.

SASE keeps your end-users in front of mind. Whether your users are sales gurus always on the road or C-suite executives working remotely, they rely heavily on their portable devices. With secure gateways and remote browser isolation, our SASE solutions enable your users to securely access your network and cloud-based applications anywhere, anytime, on any device without compromising your data assets.

Cloud Security

Cloud security can be complex. All businesses that have migrated to cloud are ultimately responsible for their security regardless of whether they have moved to a private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud platform. They need to integrate cloud security services into their organisation’s security model. Understanding how to do this and how to incorporate it into your existing security strategies can be difficult.

At Oreta, we understand cloud security better than most. We know how best to leverage shared security models and hybrid cloud deployments to meet your needs. We help you to develop a cloud security strategy that provides data security access control and monitoring. We can work with you to identify the right level of compliance for your IT and maintain and improve it as the world of cyber threats evolve.

How we partner with you


  • Assess current infrastructure and security posture
  • Identify possible gaps and breaches
  • High-level design of security, with Proof of Concept (PoC) against new and existing devices and endpoints
  • Detailed Total Cost of Owneship (ToC), with itemised list of single and recurring overheads


  • Comprehensive implementation plan to identify and alleviate potential breaches
  • Best practice approach to configuring Next-Gen firewalls
  • Robust adaptive security posture, across all IT infrastructure
  • Deployment of SASE architectures


  • Monitor security posture
  • Systematically conduct audits and minor upgrades
  • Fully equip you to deploy a prompt response to potential breaches
  • Comprehensive performance reports, providing real-time analytics and transparency of your security posture
  • Recommendations to remediate vulnerabilities
  • Continuous improvements using advanced automation and performance tuning techniques

Why choose Oreta?

Do not ignore the increasing risk of cybercrime. Let Oreta protect your critical data, knowing that you are safeguarded by the best in the business.

Greater visibility

Our cybersecurity experts can give you greater visibility and transparency of your security posture from multiple standpoints, outside and inside your IT environment.

Practical insights

Whether you are migrating to cloud or improving your network, our security architects work closely with the delivery teams to ensure we provide you with practical insights into your project’s security posture.

Fully protected

We ensure that you get the most out of our security service. We provide everything you need to ensure your business is fully protected, from using Next-Gen Firewall features,  SASE technologies, 24×7 support, dedicated account management, and all the tools you need to ensure your business is fully protected.

Routine maintenance

Our security experts will partner with you to create solutions and conduct routine maintenance, including patching and minor upgrades, so your IT environment is always protected. We ensure your security posture is steadfast and ready for any potential threat.

Fanatical about backups

We do not shy away from admitting we are fanatical about backups. We know that your data is your business’s most critical asset. We make backing up your data habitual, so you do not experience the threat of losing what is most important to you.

Quieten the noise

We focus on quietening the noise and help your organisation navigate through the multitude of security vendors. We help you identify innovative technology that can improve your organisation’s security posture, no matter how big or small your business is.

Dedicated account manager

Your account manager is your one point of contact who will ensure all your IT issues are solved. They work closely with your IT team and our architects, delivery team, and service desk to quickly resolve any problems.

Stay ahead of the game

Our consultants are not only certified to the nth degree in security. They work very closely with our security partners to ensure they have the most up-to-date knowledge of cyber threats’ trends and movements to ensure your business stays ahead of the game and is fully protected from potential attacks.

We take you further

We conduct regular reviews to ensure your security strategy continues to remain relevant as your business grows. We partner with you to adjust your posture, security policies and compliance procedures to reflect your changing needs and ensure there are no gaps that could create issues later.

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Bucher Municipal has worked with Oreta for many years, through their design, implementation, and support of our network, infrastructure, and security, including managing our CSX Palo Alto Firewall. Oreta now knows our business and requirements so well that I consider them part of our team.. 

Hamish Osborne, IT Business Partner, Bucher Municipal

How ready are you? Take advantage of our complimentary security assessment.

Don’t be the next statistic. Understand your vulnerabilities and learn how you can improve your security posture so your business is protected from cyberattacks.

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