Many innovators come up with their ‘Aha’ moment from seeing what their competitors are doing and going that one step further to meet the market’s needs better. Let’s take Apple, for instance; the iPhone is a result of looking at how other smartphones developed by competitors like Nokia, Microsoft and Blackberry were meeting the needs of their users, identifying and addressing gaps and successfully rolling out a more superior product. 

Cisco is doing something very similar to Apple with its new HyperFlex. The hyperconvergence product is not just about created to outsmart its competition; it is designed on what the real customer needs are and adapting to the shifting demands in the market – a product that offers increased flexibility and scalability – to achieve a unified solution.   

With HyperFlex, Cisco has adopted a ‘customer-centric approach and aims to help organisations match their workloads to the right architecture and, in the long term, have an edge over their competitors as the business world experiences significant digital transformation. All while technology in the data centre. 

As Cisco was developing HyperFlex, numerous conversations were taking place with various organisations to hear ‘what’ and ‘how’ they wanted their data centre to operate in the future. There was universal agreement that they wanted a modern data centre that was automated, orchestrated and open, with the ability to move workloads into the cloud. They wanted the flexibility to run business-critical apps on-premise to the public cloud while having the same operational capabilities. 

Cisco listened and delivered with HyperFlex, providing a product that increases operational efficiency, faster delivery of IT services, and greater IT agility. 

HyperFlex is paving the way for many different industries to improve their operational efficiencies. The health care industry is one particular example of the need for this hyperconverged technology. Health care providers are competing in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving business. Their current technology is outdated and not keeping up with the growing IT demands. Many are in dire need of transformation.  

The providers are fully aware that they need to address this problem if they want to succeed. As such, larger organisations are investing in Hyperflex to improve the ease of use, flexibility and scalability of their health care delivery systems. Many are also seeing the advantages of Hyperflex, including protecting its critical business applications and data. 

Cisco HyperFlex is galvanising how customers think about their technology in many ways. They are now thinking virtually rather than physically. For example, organisations can deploy new applications can in minutes, not hours or days. Gone are the days of manually putting in orders and waiting for the IT specialists to add storage or servers. With its seamless, on-demand response, HyperFlex cuts the process down dramatically and enables your IT team to do it in-house.    

Another big advantage organisations are experiencing is its simplicity and ability to build on a UCS base and integrate into existing converged database architecture. HyperFlex can be used in many different ways, from virtual desktops (VDI), app dev/testing to operating in a private cloud. 

Cisco HyperFlex is helping transform organisations in line with the new digital era. It isn’t just an appliance box. It’s designed to be an integral part of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Integrated DC infrastructure, cloud suite, and application-centric infrastructure (ACI) are all building blocks creating the new digital data centre, spanning hardware and software – providing access to any application, from any cloud, anywhere.  

Cisco has introduced innovation to the data centre: IP Telephony Virtualisation, Application Economic, Hybrid Cloud, and Hyperconvergence with HyperFlex. Cisco is renowned for driving industry transformation, then taking a large percentage of the enterprise market. HyperFlex is creating a platform for the Next-Gen digital data centre. It is a vast advancement in consolidating the Data Centre as one, bringing computer, storage and network together, and creating tomorrow’s digital platform today. 


HyperFlex gives you the right tools to modernise the present and simplify the future. No wonder it has been recognised as a leader in both the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave for multiple years, and most recently was named HCI product of the year in 2020 by CRN. If you are responsible for managing your business’s critical applications and would to discuss whether Cisco HyperFlex is right for your business contact us today.