With increasing size of mobile fleets, there is a growing hidden cost in managing mobility expenses. Organisations often experience wastage through poor visibility over billing, usage, and assets.

Why is it important to know your company’s usage of mobile devices and data allowance?

Companies often do not have an overview over their mobile fleet which means that they are not allocating and maximising their resources. Some of their sites could be using less data while others are needing more, devices may be underutilised or not used at all, mobile charges may fluctuate depending on business operations but not reflected in the charges and much more. Staying ahead of your data and mobile usage allows businesses to stay on top of their mobility and cut costs on services they no longer need.

What is the best solution to gain visibility across your mobile devices?

As IT visibility becomes more critical to organisations and more complex, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for senior IT executives to ensure optimum user experience and use of their budget. GlanceX leverages data from within the various IT/vendor domains (such as mobility) and presents this information so that IT executives can see within seconds if their IT estate is operating effectively and if not, pinpoint quickly and accurately when and where the problem may be.

The top-level dashboard shows holistic daily health checks of Mobility operations for the previous 30 days. The drill-down capability enables companies to see when and where the problem has occurred. GlanceX is easily accessed anywhere, any time and at any location via a simple, dedicated web browser link.

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