Cloud Services

Experience superior agility, convergence, and scalability and grow for success with Oreta’s cloud services. 

We guide you to make the right decisions about designing, migrating, and managing innovative cloud solutions that will enhance your operational efficiencies.

Modern organisations are adopting the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation and enable immediate and global access to a wealth of their data. Businesses are shifting from maintaining ageing servers and on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based applications that users can use anywhere, anytime, on any device.

As a leading cloud service provider in Melbourne and Sydney, we partner with you to choose the ‘right’ cloud that best aligns with your business goals. From guiding you in making the best decisions around cloud adoption to ensuring a smooth transition, we offer you an exceptional level of service across your public, private, or hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Reinvent, excel during uncertainty and outshine your competition with Oreta’s tailored cloud solutions.

We have the experience and know-how to help your business realise the fundamental benefits of public, private or hybrid cloud-based technology.

Improve speed to market and expand into new markets by scaling up and down as your workload demands change, without the need for expensive upgrades and overheads as is required with traditional servers.

Get unlimited storage capacity that can scale as your workloads change without the need to purchase and manage physical servers or storage arrays.

Greater transparency and control over your cloud environment, using automation and performance tools to help align IT strategies to business goals.

Ensure your critical data is protected and increase your response time to unforeseen business disruptions with regular security audits.

A green tick of approval – when businesses migrate to the cloud they rely less on physical servers and data centres reducing their carbon footprint.

What we offer

We understand that cloud is an enabler for your business – a means to an end and not the end game itself. We guide you through the multitude of cloud vendors available to you and help unleash the power of cloud technologies. We offer a range of services that can take you through your entire cloud journey or fill a particular gap in your IT strategy.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is ideal for businesses that often require absolute control of their IT environment whereby the infrastructure is located on-premise or in a data centre. We offer tailored private cloud solutions that consider your current and future business needs, and leverage automation tools that help you stay ahead of the curve.

Public Cloud

We develop our innovative, cost-effective solutions to seamlessly integrate your resources (i.e. infrastructure, applications, and network) with public-cloud providers. We can guide you in making the right choice as to which third-party provider is best suited to meet your data access and performance requirements and host your cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud supports workloads operating on both private and public clouds. We customise our hybrid solutions to best suit your business goals, manage your workloads and critical data, and simplify your processes. We design our solutions with small to medium enterprises in mind, which may not have the resources to manage multiple clouds and infrastructure effectively. The hybrid cloud environment gives you the ability to transfer your data between clouds with added security benefits seamlessly.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Protecting your most valuable asset – your data – is crucial. Our technical experts are committed to thoroughly preparing you and your data for any unforeseen events (e.g. outages) that may disrupt your business operations, including designing, developing, and implementing cloud-based backup strategies and Business Continuity Plans. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure any potential downtime is eradicated.

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How we partner with you

Oreta offers optimum cloud services unsurpassed by other providers. Our cloud specialists will partner with you on your journey to cloud, from assessing your cloud needs, designing a cloud blueprint to developing, migrating, and optimising cloud. We help you enjoy the benefits of cloud and watch your business grow and succeed.


  • Cloud Assessment
  • High-level blueprint of your cloud journey with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Proof of Concept (POC) helping you to make the right investment decisions


  • Comprehensive migration plan
  • Design, implement and deploy first-mover
  • Staged roll-out of your workloads to cloud
  • Post-implementation support


  • Use of proven automation and performance tuning techniques
  • Management of your cloud’s security posture
  • Patch management and minor upgrades
  • Regular performance reports, providing full transparency of your cloud environment
  • Continuous improvement of cloud environment

Why choose Oreta

Do you want to complete your end-to-end digital transformation? Are you hitting roadblocks that are slowing your journey to the cloud? Do you have the right skill set to migrate to the cloud? Do you know what cloud will best align with your business goals? Oreta can help you address these concerns to ensure your cloud migration is seamless.

Proven cloud methodology

We are there for you through the entire service lifecycle and beyond, from advisory, through to design and implementation to operations and management. Getting started does not have to be daunting. We ensure you have a stress-free transition and receive all the benefits of migrating to cloud.

Cloud right, not first

Oreta has a proven track record of helping organisations with every phase of their journey to the cloud. We work with you to conduct a comprehensive architecture review and infrastructure review to ensure your commercial and technical needs are addressed and you migrate to the right cloud, whether it be private, public, or hybrid.

Complex Problem Solvers

Oreta’s delivery capabilities are responsive and adaptive. We specialise in managing the complexity of emerging technologies. Our team of experts in cloud architecture and delivery ensures that when transitioning to cloud the risk is minimal.

Cloud-native architectures

 Our cloud-native architectures give you the flexibility to manage your business applications on the cloud, making them easily accessible.

Cloud agnostic

We are unbiased towards what vendors we select when deploying cloud solutions. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each of our vendors. When we migrate you to the cloud we identify which vendor will be the most logical to partner with and will help you achieve cost optimisation and drive business efficiencies.

Leaders in cloud

We have a continuous commitment to our team of technical and commercial experts in training and keeping them abreast of new technologies, making them thought leaders in the industry.

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Leverage our expertise with a Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Discover what cloud will best meet your business goals. Get a practical, strategic, and phased roadmap to optimising your cloud and accelerating your digital transformation.