GlanceX provides ‘at-a-glance’ visibility across multiple IT functions in a non-technical, intuitive, interface that enables quick decision making. It translates data from sources including leading multi-vendor technology management platforms, into information that can be used to manage the business for technical and commercial perspective. Given the criticality of IT, its growing complexity, together with the talent shortage, Oreta believes companies could benefit from an effective tool to help oversee their network, mobility and security or run the risk of flying blind.


30 days at a glance

Providing “at-a-glance” view, so that the c-suites can see for themselves, quickly, at a high level, if there is a problem.

Identifies technical issues

Translates & sources data from multi-vendor technology management platforms.

Enables commercial decisions

Translates sourced data from multi-vendor platforms into information that enables investments and divestment decisions.

Intuitive presentation of technical data

Visibility across multiple IT functions in a non-technical, intuitive, interface.

Take a glimpse into GlanceX

Seamless connection to your existing platform

Access anywhere, anytime with a dedicated web link

Technical and commercial insights

Enables decision making

Non-technical and intuitive interface

Multi domain

“Glance-X has a couple of simple powerful objectives: – to save customer senior IT executives’ time with a tool that can literally be used for a few seconds a day, to pin-point key existing or potential problems; – to differentiate Oreta as a leading, innovative MSP that is providing more relevance and value to its customers.”

Kevin Bloch

Founder Bloch Advisory| Former Cisco CTO