Tasrail is Tasmania’s trusted provider of safe and dependable rail logistics solutions. Connecting industry and commerce to major shipping ports since 2009. The Tasmanian Rail Network is a single line, narrow gauge (1067 millimetre) transport system with over 611 route kilometres of operational track. They have two sections which are Below Rail and Above Rail which have different operations of upgrading the railway network and bulk handling and ship loading facilities.


Tasrail was running on an older Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connection which was expensive and time-consuming to maintain. The legacy MPLS connection was on a fixed long-term contract which didn’t allow flexibility in connectivity pricing options as their business needs fluctuated over time. Increasing and decreasing the bandwidth was laborious in application submissions and could result in early termination charges.

Due to the lack of support, the Internal IT team was allocating additional time to solve network issues. This raised a need for better management of devices and network links with more transparency and quicker resolution of query tickets. The shift of their workload to their own data centre was critical in gaining control over their environment and improving the agility and speed of their IAAS and SAAS applications.


After an extensive analysis, Oreta proposed a new Adapt S1 product along with adaptive network links through Telstra & additional support with their managed services. This allowed Tasrail to bring down the cost of links significantly by enabling them to fine-tune their network allocation and pay according to their exact needs at any point in time.

Oreta’s day-to-day support via their managed service alleviated additional workload from the internal IT team allowing them to focus on critical business functions and improving the user experience. The shift towards remote working catalysed by COVID19 and the uptake of IAAS and SAAS applications, led to the installation of Prisma firewall to ensure Tasrail is protected from the ever-changing cybersecurity threats.

Oreta was also able to provide configuration to the firewall rules, custom to the companies’ security needs. To further optimise the utilisation of the bandwidth while maintaining the overall security posture, Oreta led the installation of dynamic multi-path optimisation (DMPO) with Velocloud. This meant that critical applications could run uninterrupted minimising operational downtime. Tasrail was also able to control the flow of data traffic that goes out to the internet or via a more secure and filtered path if certain areas of the business held confidential data.


Increased bandwidth by 300%

Reduced costs by 20%

Security incident reduction by 15%

MTD reduced by 10%

Gartner security quadrant grade firewall


“We needed a partner who could work with us to understand our requirements, challenges, and drivers; then bring to us fit for purpose competitive solutions. Once we selected a network and security solution, it was imperative that the transition was completed with minimal business disruption. The guidance and the support we received from Oreta, plus their commitment to our goals was always on top of mind.”


Technology Manager, Tasrail