Oreta’s GlanceX Solution


First Super, an industry super fund located at Level 1/165 Bouverie St, Carlton VIC 3053, is dedicated to benefiting its members and welcomes Australians from various industries, with a strong focus on furniture and joinery, pulp and paper, and timber.


First Super encountered multifaceted challenges in their operations before leveraging Oreta’s services. Managing a diverse array of mobile devices efficiently posed a significant hurdle. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets among employees required streamlined device provisioning, configuration, and ongoing management for optimal performance and security. Additionally, the organisation grappled with the need for cost control and optimisation, including managing data usage, negotiating carrier contracts, and implementing cost-saving measures. As remote work gained prominence, ensuring effective and secure mobile device management became crucial, maintaining compliance and security standards for employees working from various locations.

Oreta strategically approached IT management, providing First Super with a comprehensive GlanceX solution to their challenges. The implementation of GlanceX not only streamlined device provisioning and configuration but also addressed cost control and optimisation. Oreta’s expertise assisted in managing data usage, negotiating carrier contracts, and implementing measures to ensure cost-effectiveness. With the rise of remote work, Oreta’s services played a pivotal role in enabling secure and compliant remote work scenarios, allowing employees to work seamlessly from any location. By adopting GlanceX, First Super gained not only cost savings but also improved security and efficiency, enabling them to refocus on their core business objectives.


By entrusting the complexities of mobile device management data to GlanceX, First Super could redirect its focus to core business activities. This resulted in heightened operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and enhanced security measures. Oreta’s GlanceX not only resolved immediate challenges but positioned First Super for sustained success in an ever-evolving technological landscape.