Healthcare provider


This health care provider was established with the mission to improve the lives of the Victorian community. They are the largest health provider in Australia that provide a comprehensive range of specialist medical, surgical and mental health services, as well as rehabilitation, aged care, specialist clinics and community programs.


To support one of the healthcare organisations strategic goals “to be a digital health service” the business required the transformation of several IT services to improve access to remote work, increase storage capacity, centrally manage the desktops, improve network security and collaboration opportunities, and improve business continuity and digital services.


The solution encompassed the rollout of O365 Email and Teams with MFA to 12,200 staff, alongside the upgrading of Exchange to ensure compatibility with contemporary technologies. To enhance the identity management, a strategic initiative for identity consolidation was undertaken. Furthermore, MECM was deployed to manage the Windows 10 desktops, and the Public Folders were migrated to O365. Oreta’s approach to this transformation was structured around a series of robust processes such as:


  • Diagnostic Dive: In-depth assessment, capturing the complexities of the organisations infrastructure, revealing vital facets of their operational landscape for AD, SCCM, Mail and Network.
  • Blueprint Creation leveraging the insights to design a MS 365-centric digital blueprint, ensuring the licensing and functional elements align with the organisation’s unique challenges and aspirations.
  • Grand-Scale Migration leveraging Oreta IP Tooling for an unparalleled scale of:
    • Deployment of MECM and push of Windows 10 and applications to 8,000 end points.
    • Upgrade of Exchange 2013 to 2019 to support the 0365 transformation.
    • Migration of 12,200 mailboxes to O365 with users established into default Teams and MFA.
    • Migration of 80TB of public folder content into the Microsoft 365.
  • User Empowerment through a robust change management approach with train the trainer and custom Oreta Bots for knowledge transfer we ensured a frictionless digital adoption for all.
  • Flawless Handover: Concluding with our unwavering support was manifested through extended Hyper Care and seamless handovers, ensuring the healthcare organisation was poised for continued digital success.


  • Enterprise deployment of MECM and cleansing of AD for the management of 8,000 workstations.
  • Centralised Microsoft 365 integration, streamlining 12,200 user mailboxes and 80TB data migration with minimal business disruption.
  • Comprehensive training and community forums ensured smooth adoption, maximizing productivity and collaboration across the organization for Teams, Sharepoint, Email and OneDrive.
  • Custom-crafted Microsoft 365 solution, simplifying the organisation’s digital landscape and ensuring scalability for future growth.
  • Knowledge transfers and tool integration positioned the healthcare provider for a self-sufficient, secure, and agile digital future within the Microsoft 365 environment.