Financial Services Organisation


This financial services organisation was established with a mission to provide cost-effective insurance solutions in Australia. Their expertise lies in utilising technology and analytics to create, manage, promote, and provide a wide range of acclaimed insurance products.


The organisation faced challenges in effectively managing a diverse range of mobile devices within their business. They sought a comprehensive solution to ensure encryption, remote device control, content management, and security. Additionally, they aimed to implement location tracking, usage monitoring, and ensure regulatory compliance, all while enabling seamless OS and application updates. Achieving these goals necessitated a robust system like Intune, tailored to align with the organisations mobility strategy.


Oreta holistically addressed the organisations mobile device management concerns through a tailored Intune implementation. They commenced with an in-depth discovery and assessment of the current state, identifying gaps against Microsoft best practices. This informed a robust redesign of the Intune architecture. Ensuring proper licensing, Oreta conducted a pilot rollout to validate configurations and address early challenges. The organisation-wide deployment was closely monitored, with Oreta swiftly resolving enrolment issues. Comprehensive documentation and risk management further ensured a seamless transition, aligning the organisations infrastructure with their mobility objectives.


  • Enhanced Device Security: With encryption, remote wiping, and security management, the organisations mobile devices were more secure against potential threats.
  • Unified Device Management: Intune provided a singular platform for managing diverse devices, ensuring consistency across iPads, iPhones, and Samsung smartphones.
  • Streamlined Updates: The ability to remotely manage OS and application updates reduced downtime and manual interventions.
  • Improved Compliance: Oreta’s solution ensured all devices met regulatory standards, reducing risks associated with non-compliance.