Powerhouse Museum


Located in Sydney, Powerhouse Museum is the largest museum group in Australia. It sits at the intersection of the arts, design, science and technology and plays a critical role in engaging communities with contemporary ideas and issues. It is custodian to more than half a million objects of national and international significance and is considered one of the finest and most diverse collections in Australia.


Powerhouse embarked on a transformative rebrand, transitioning to ‘Powerhouse.com.au.’ This complex shift affected a wide ecosystem, including shared mailboxes, Active Directory (AD) objects, application integrations, and login methods. The primary challenge was orchestrating a seamless transition with zero downtime, preserving critical data, and redirecting intricate email flows without causing disruptions.


Our seasoned team of Modern Workspace experts embarked on a collaborative journey with Powerhouse to define the following solution:

  • Foundation establishment: A comprehensive analysis of the existing Hybrid Exchange setup and AD /Azure Active Directory (AAD) infrastructure served as the cornerstone for a meticulously planned rebranding process.
  • Seamless transition: The transition was executed in a phased and systematic manner, ensuring the smooth configuration of the new domain as the primary email and User Principe Name (UPN) for all users and AD objects, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication.
  • Harmonious Integration: Collaborative engagement with the Powerhouse team enabled the seamless reconfiguration of application integrations and login methods, ensuring their alignment with the new domain.
  • Proactive Support: To address potential challenges, our team provided timely solutions to maintain application compatibility and resolve known behavioral issues.


  • Flawless transition: The migration to “Powerhouse.com.au” unfolded seamlessly, with successful internal and external communication for all users and multiple AD entities.
  • Enhanced functionality: The new domain effortlessly accommodated Azure AD application integrations and login changes, safeguarding operational continuity.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction: Meeting all project success criteria, we ensured exceptional post-transition application and service performance, leaving our client delighted and fully embracing their fresh digital identity.