BottleCycler GLX


BottleCycler are glass recycling experts in the hospitality industry, their unique behind the bar technology provides an innovative glass management solution for all types of venues. Since 2002, their on-site glass crushing machine have ensured that glass bottles can be recycled safely and hassle free. Having recycled 27 million kilograms of glass they are making sustainability everyone’s business.


Zero visibility of their IoT data SIM’s and service/billing management. They required an ease-of-use platform that managers and IT team could utilise for complete service analytics of where each IoT SIM is located. As well as the service uptime of individual and grouped data usage from each of their recycling machines located around the country.


Oreta completed a full-scale analysis of their business and was able to align their needs with the GlanceX solution. After several focus group sessions and user demonstration BottleCycler was confident in the alignment of GlanceX platform with their growing fleet and data network.


BottleCycler has achieved complete transparency of its data network and IT infrastructure, facilitating effortless management of monthly billing trends and enabling prompt identification and isolation of potential data spikes or network connectivity issues. Moreover, the implementation of drill-through functionality empowers the organisation to gain comprehensive insights into individual sites, while conveniently extracting the necessary service analytics in CSV format for analysis by their IT department. This remarkable capability significantly streamlines operations, saving valuable time for BottleCycler.


GlanceX has been a game-changer for BottleCycler. With its comprehensive solution, we gained visibility into our IT systems, effectively tracking network performance, security breaches, and data wastage. The user-friendly interface aggregated information, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems and enabling quick access to relevant insights. GlanceX provided actionable insights, empowering our executives to make data-driven decisions and optimize our IT investments. We no longer depended on others for information, saving time and improving efficiency. The integration with existing tools ensured a comprehensive view of our IT infrastructure, facilitating efficient troubleshooting.

Amber Miliano,

Accounts Assistant