Apex Steel


The Apex Group is one of Australia’s largest steel manufacturers and distributors since beginning operations in 1994. The Apex Group vision is to remain the first-choice steel organisation and stay ahead of their technology, procedures, customer, and employee satisfaction.


Apex Steel wished to improve their network and cyber security operation as it played a crucial part of their business. Facing outages on their existing platform and network services, heightened their concern and catalysed their search for a reliable, effective, and cost-efficient solution.


After extensive research, Apex Steel selected Oreta to implement Azure Cloud and leverage SD-WAN with SASE security. Oreta led the transformation of Apex Steel’s ageing platform to Azure which allowed the business users to access services from the edge to the cloud and provide a more reliable platform removing unnecessary network outages. The migration to Telstra adaptive network links with higher bandwidth for the internet and MPLS links at a lower cost, provided a better user experience, faster resolution to customers and reduction in expenses.

The ability to leverage the Telstra SaaS delivered SASE tools from Palo Alto Prisma also improved the security posture for users accessing services from the edge. The SD-WAN VMware VeloCloud solution allowed Apex Steel to add & remove sites rapidly (within 5 to 10 days) based on changing business demands. Oreta also led the integration of managed services, smart ticket automation system which freed up Apex IT staff to focus on their business-critical activities.


15% increase in bandwidth at all sites

Outage reduction by 50%

Monthly savings on network expenses

Reduction in ticket management and handling through automation


“The Oreta team has provided a comprehensive solution with scalability, extensive support and innovative technology which led to improvement and transformation in all aspects of our network and security infrastructure. This in turn led to improvement on customer satisfaction, reduction in cost and allowed us to focus on the holistic company vision. We were able to maximise our productivity through automation and reduction of operational bottlenecks.”


IT Manager