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Keep up with the future. Evolve your network with your critical business applications in front of mind. Innovate and succeed with Oreta as your network service provider.

We keep you connected with your customers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues and help you collaborate and perform at your best.

Let’s admit it. The way we work, collaborate, and connect with our customers continues to evolve. The pace is now faster than ever before. As the workforce and business world reshapes, your business must have a dynamic, dependable network that can keep up with these changes and consistently perform at a peak level – at speed and scale.

At Oreta, our technical and commercial experts partner with you to design and implement network solutions that will improve your network’s performance and your end-users digital experience by empowering them to connect to your business applications anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Create a dynamic network that can adapt as your business grows.

Achieve superior connectivity with your customers. Readily collaborate with your colleagues. Effective networking is a critical key to your success. Our solutions will modernise your network and enable your growing business to experience:

Greater productivity

Give your employees a consistent level of network performance and security anywhere, anytime. The right network solution can increase bandwidth, visibility, and transparency into your network performance. Your users can have access to critical business applications anywhere, anytime.

Better investments

You do not need to change your entire IT landscape when investing in new networking infrastructure. You can have the flexibility to choose what you need, to keep up with changes in your traffic while avoiding high network service costs.

Scale at speed

You can expand your boundaries and adjust your network infrastructure at scale, aligning changes to how your business is evolving, improving your network and business agility. Your business can improve how and when you connect with your customers, helping you grow your market share and strengthen your competitive edge.

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What we offer

We understand that investing in, or upgrading your existing network service can be overwhelming. We guide you through the multitude of network vendors and help you take advantage of the power of modern network technologies. We can take you through your entire networking journey or address a particular need (e.g., improving your end-users’ digital experience).


SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) is becoming an increasingly popular choice when businesses are refreshing their MPLS network. With SD-WAN as a platform, we help your business simplify your cloud-first network and provide your users with greater flexibility as to when and where they can use your business applications.

By deploying SD-WAN, we can help you avoid the need for complicated configuration and network engineering. Our SDWAN solutions are ideal if your business is increasing the number of sites or needs to adjust to an increase in remote working – empowering your network to evolve at the speed at which your business is growing

Datacentre/Cloud Gateway

Businesses that have migrated to a hybrid-cloud platform can benefit from a Cloud Gateway. Bringing network and cloud seamlessly together creates a private connection from your site to your cloud provider’s datacentre and servers thus reducing the performance and security issues associated with public internet access, including interruptions to business operations, poor application performance, and potential cyberattacks.
Oreta can provide you with a single point of contact to address your connectivity issues and create a Cloud Gateway for your business, ensuring your critical operations remain onsite while making the most of public cloud, including scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiencies.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Today’s local area network is a vastly different environment than the PC-centric one of only a couple of years ago. Trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Edge Computing need not only a new way of thinking about your local area network but also new solutions to support an increasingly diverse set of network endpoints.

Oreta’s network specialists architect and design a LAN taking into consideration security, expandability, ease of configuration and maintenance.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) helps you analyse how well your business’s applications and services perform in real-time and how they interact with the end-user on different platforms (e.g., mobile, web, IoT, and APIs). With Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Diagnostic (NPMD) tools, DEM solutions can give you an end-to-end report of your users’ experiences and help you understand the issues they may be experiencing.

Oreta’s network specialists work with you to develop a DEM strategy and identify, isolate, and resolve any problems not seen by your IT team, and optimise your users’ productivity and connectivity. We design our network solutions to be flexible, powerful, dependable, and dedicated to meeting your business needs.

Our network solutions are designed to be flexible, powerful, dependable, and dedicated to meeting your business needs.

How we partner with you

Oreta provides elite network services unmatched by other providers.

We dedicate ourselves to designing and deploying network solutions that provide you with the agility, flexibility, and transparency you need to achieve superior consistency in how you connect to your customers, suppliers, and colleagues anywhere, anytime.


  • Assess the health of your network infrastructure and process capabilities
  • Identify the best-fit strategies to meet your commercial, technical, and operational requirements
  • Identify the right architecture to improve connectivity, with a Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Provide a comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Comprehensive deployment plan for your network
  • Staged roll-out of your network to different sites
  • Post-implementation support
  • Produce high level design for target state
  • Perform site audits, if required
  • Develop level designs for sites
  • Produce high level design for target state
  • Perform site audits, if required
  • Develop level designs for sites


  • Monitor network security posture, avoiding possible loss of connectivity
  • Patch management and minor upgrades
  • Regular real-time statistics, trend reports, and benchmarks of all network devices, providing full transparency and control
  • Continuous improvements, using advanced automation and performance tuning techniques

Why choose Oreta?

Unmatched reputation

We are there for you through the entire service lifecycle, from advisory, to design and implementation to operations and management. Getting started does not have to be daunting. We ensure that managing, monitoring and modernising your network is stress-free, and your connectivity is performing at the pinnacle.

Problem solving

Tell us the network problem, no matter how complicated it is, and we will solve it. Oreta’s delivery capabilities are responsive and adaptive. We specialise in managing the complexity of emerging technologies. Our team of experts in network architecture and network monitoring ensures the risks associated with replacing your ageing infrastructure and modernising your network are minimal.

Zealous about networking

Our account managers and pre-sales experts focus first on your business goals and challenges and develop the best plan to roll out or upgrade your network across your sites. We provide you with the simplicity and accountability of one point of contact with a service, including activation, assurance, 24/7 support, and billing.

Sustainable connectivity

We invest heavily in our operational maturity, so our managed services model is sustainable. Our managed services capabilities are backed with mature ITIL processes to minimise disruption to your business. We implement proactive monitoring so that we can address potential issues before they affect your business. Our processes provide a relentless focus on service restoration and aim to minimise or prevent – incidents from recurring.

Vendor agnostic

We are unbiased towards what vendors we select when deploying network solutions. We deploy the best-fit fully customised network technology and test it to ensure that it will meet your expectations. We will test the technical architecture, security integration and how the new solution complements other aspects of your business and drives business efficiencies.

Take you further

Oreta can partner with you at any stage of your networking journey. From detailed designs and PoCs to transitioning, managing, and continuously improving the functionality, we share our best practices to ensure you achieve your network goals and a return on investment. If you opt for your internal team to manage your network, we will provide the appropriate handover and training.

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I have been very impressed with the quality and professionalism of Oreta’s services, from pre-sales to the deployment of the SDWAN. What they have delivered for Winslow Constructors and the value the solution has brought the business cannot be underestimated.  Choosing Oreta as our preferred managed services provider has given us the confidence that our IT strategy is taken care of while we focus on growing our business. 

Gerard Ackroyd, General Manager of IT, Winslow Constructors

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Stay in front. Improve productivity anywhere, anytime. Network with confidence. Discover how healthy your network is and what you can do to improve its flexibility and agility to enhance your user’s experience of your business applications.