Small and midsize businesses face the same security threats as larger ones, but have less resources to deal with it. You don't control the attacks, but you can control your readiness.


Security Services

IT Security is complex and can be a high risk for many organisations who are trying to balance keeping their environment and information secure while not impacting business performance. For organisations who have dedicated security personnel, most resources are forced to focus on remediation rather than overall security posture and keeping their eyes on the horizon for change.

As organisations move to more dynamic IT environments leveraging things like cloud, containers and DevOps practices, security is often seen as a bolt-on, slowing down the agility of the organisation and many are taking bigger risks to keep the operational tempo up.

When it comes to cloud, there is a lot of confusion about who is in charge of security. All public cloud providers operate in a ‘shared security’ model of some description but it’s important to remember that an organisation is still ultimately responsible for their security - they need to integrate cloud security services into their organisation’s security model. Understanding how to do this and how that incorporates into existing security strategies can be complex.

At Oreta, we understand Cloud better than most. We also understand the critical importance of getting your security posture correct. We believe it is crucial to adopt on the appropriate levels of security needed for your organisation, rather than overburdening organisations with processes that will, over time, slow them down and potentially create their own security problems.

Security – Advisory

Cloud Security Strategy read more
Oreta provides our customers end−to−end security strategy, providing data security access controls and monitoring.

NGFW Best Practice Reviewread more
Review existing perimeter security measures and provide remediation recommendations. (NGFW - New Generation Firewall).

Network Security Reviewread more
Conduct network infrastructure audit to identify security vulnerabilities and provide suggestions to reduce risk exposure for business.

End Point Security Reviewread more
Review existing endpoint security solution and provide remediation recommendation.

Security - Delivery

NGFW Deploymentread more
In close collaboration with the customer configure application aware NGFW to ensure protection from malware and reduce application related risk exposure.

Cloud Complianceread more
Working together with customer teams deploy compliance tools to help in achieving customer Cloud environments compliance.

IDAM Deploymentread more
Guide customer approach to managing individual's identities and their permissions across divers environments and applications. (IDAM -Identity and Access Management Consulting).

Security - Operations

NGFW Managementread more
Proactive management of firewalls ensuring optimal experience for applications' users and protecting network against unwanted intrusions including trojans and other malware. (NGFW - New Generation Firewall).

Cloud Complianceread more
Once the right level of compliance level achieved maintain and improve it in the constantly evolving world of threats.

Incident Responseread more
Provide active response to the network security breach or cyber attack.

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