Small and midsize businesses face the same security threats as larger ones, but have less resources to deal with it. You don't control the attacks, but you can control your readiness.


Security Services

IT Security is complex and can be a high risk for many organisations who are trying to balance keeping their environment and information secure while not impacting business performance. For organisations who have dedicated security personnel, most resources are forced to focus on remediation rather than overall security posture and keeping their eyes on the horizon for change.

As organisations move to more dynamic IT environments leveraging things like cloud, containers and DevOps practices, security is often seen as a bolt-on, slowing down the agility of the organisation and many are taking bigger risks to keep the operational tempo up.

When it comes to cloud, there is a lot of confusion about who is in charge of security. All public cloud providers operate in a ‘shared security’ model of some description but it’s important to remember that an organisation is still ultimately responsible for their security - they need to integrate cloud security services into their organisation’s security model. Understanding how to do this and how that incorporates into existing security strategies can be complex.

At Oreta, we understand Cloud better than most. We also understand the critical importance of getting your security posture correct. We believe it is crucial to adopt on the appropriate levels of security needed for your organisation, rather than overburdening organisations with processes that will, over time, slow them down and potentially create their own security problems.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Compliance and Posture assessments

Operating within a shared security model of public cloud has its pros and cons. Understanding how a Public Cloud provider implements security for services you consume is critical: but integrating that into your own requirements is paramount. On top of this design and deployment strategy, you need to know that the security you have in place is working and is not being worked around. This can be especially important for organisations who need to comply with the Australian Governments Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) rules. Our assessments are designed to look at the design topologies and the implemented equivalents to confirm that a) the initial design is acceptable to the organisation's requirements and b) has the design been implemented correctly and doing the expected role. We provide you with actionable responses and can also work with you on any appropriate remediation, including the deployment of compliance enforcement tools.

Firewalls everywhere!

The term firewall means a lot of different things to a lot of people. Some still see a firewall as a basic device that blocks traffic on specific ports. While this functionality is still important, the role of a firewall has developed significantly. They now can operate at all 7 layers of the OSI model and can control traffic based on a multitude of reasons and work with a higher level of automation and control. Oreta provides and end-to-end services for your firewall and associated services, from design to deployment, decommissioning and ongoing management (this includes virtual and physical; cloud-based and on-premise configurations). If you are not familiar with what and how a next-generation firewall (NGFW) should operate, then you definitely need to talk to us!

Identity & Multi-factor Authentication

Identity is all about having the right people being able to access the right things. The correct design and deployment of identify services is a key fundamental for being able to run a suitably secure environment. For many organisations moving to cloud, existing identify services such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) will be in place. Nearly all public cloud providers provide replication services to existing AD (e.g. Google federation for AD), thus simplifying the time to integrate.

A big question here is the current state of your AD and if you are introducing an appropriate design, or are you potentially increasing your technical debt level by not addressing your new operational requirements. It is also important to understand how public cloud services operate (Google thinks “service accounts”) and how they will be created and integrated into your identity requirements. Beyond the public cloud hyperscalers, many SaaS players also afford customers the option of federating their access. All of these options add up to potentially big, complex problems.

We have an exceptional team that can focus in on identifying your business objectives and designing and/or remediating identify services to meet. We can cover all cloud configurations (private, public, hybrid, multi, SaaS) and can incorporate additional capability such as multi-factor authentication services to improve your overall security posture.

Managed Security Services

At Oreta, managing customers security requirements have been a part of our DNA since day one. We support a wide range of customers across private, public and government verticals for their security requirements. At the heart is our managed FW capability, which supports both virtual and physical devices located anywhere in your network. All backed by an Australian based management team and strict governance framework.

We also provide Incident Response Services in partnership with Check Point. This service is there when things go wrong. This becomes your organisation's go-to team for any security incident. They will manage the detection, remediation and support for changes to your posture. Any organisation that has a NDB requirement can’t do without this service.

We also provide managed security services for areas like identify and MFA when we support your overall cloud environment. All our staff go through stringent background checks and have appropriate levels of certification while Oreta maintains deep partnerships with our key partners, giving us the fastest access to the deepest levels of skill.

If you are looking at a cloud deployment and security is an area you are struggling with, then you need to get in touch with us. Our focus is on meeting your requirements as an organisation, not just selling you lots of products that sound good. We are here to partner with you and make your business an ongoing success.

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