Small and midsize businesses face the same security threats as larger ones, but have less resources to deal with it. You don't control the attacks, but you can control your readiness.



Today’s enterprises need a network that is more secure and distributed than ever. Public Cloud, SaaS, campus/branch, remote access and disaster recovery, means a high level of complexity.

Oreta provides network strategy, audits, design, implementation and operational management for a variety of network and perimeter security options using MPLS WAN, SD WAN, private cloud connectivity and firewalling.

Why You Should Act

In today’s short business delivery cycles, timely and effective exploitation of technology requires the simple and flexible integration of compute, networking and security. Organisations are challenged by the need to ensure their heterogeneous systems are secured from attack whilst providing flexible staff and customer access, all the while reducing the delivery cycle and cost to the business.

  • Enable secure access to private compute and public cloud
  • Flexible connectivity enabling work anytime, anywhere
  • Cost effective integrated monitoring and support solutions
  • Strategies aligned to business needs
How can we help

Oreta provides comprehensive firewall and network services from audit and strategy, through to migration and managed services. By being aware and in control of your network, Oreta helps you take a major step towards IT becoming a business enabler instead of a cost centre. Our Palo Alto Networks firewall offering provides Next Generation application aware filtering capability, threat and malicious traffic detection and URL filtering, enabling the replacement of proxy servers and IPS systems with one product.

Network audits, strategy, migration and management take the day to day support work out of your hands giving you more time to provide business value. Our monitoring and support offerings provide 24/7 coverage enabling you to get on with pressing business matters instead of simply keeping the lights on.

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