Empowering Geosynthetics


In the heart of Melbourne, Geofabrics stands tall as Australasia’s premier geosynthetic specialist. With 30 years of unwavering commitment in New Zealand and 40 years in Australia, Geofabrics has been the driving force behind iconic projects, from the Victorian Level Crossing Removal to the APLNG in Queensland and the Christchurch Gondola in New Zealand. Geofabrics has consistently demonstrated a singular focus: delivering smarter infrastructure solutions to their clients.


Geofabrics, despite its illustrious history, found itself grappling with a host of challenges. Their legacy network, though reliable, was inflexible and centralised, hindering adaptation to the dynamic landscape of IT demands. Aging network equipment, lack of integration with the newly acquired Plascorp, and the presence of out-of-support hardware compounded the issues. The high cost to maintain the current network was a significant burden, and with a small, stretched IT support team, day-to-day operations became increasingly challenging. The strategy to move future workloads into the public cloud and SAAS was hindered by the outdated network architecture. Geofabrics faced a critical need for change.


Enter Oreta, the IT game-changer. In August 2022, a new contract marked the beginning of a transformative journey for Geofabrics. Oreta strategically tackled the challenges head-on, addressing the inflexibility of the legacy network by providing increased bandwidth and rapid scalability. The implementation of a Zero Trust network fortified Geofabrics’ security posture. Oreta orchestrated a comprehensive hardware refresh, ushering in SASE-ready devices and rendering the legacy hardware obsolete.

To align with Geofabrics’ vision of embracing the cloud, Oreta shifted the network architecture to adaptive networks, bidding farewell to traditional connect IP. The move proved not only cost-effective but also imbued Geofabrics with unprecedented scalability and flexibility in contracts and bandwidth. Redundancy became a reality with spare devices strategically placed, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Oreta’s prowess extended beyond borders, seamlessly incorporating two New Zealand sites and an additional Bassendean site into the network. The once overburdened IT support team now operates with newfound efficiency, thanks to Oreta’s strategic interventions.

In the aftermath of Oreta’s involvement, Geofabrics stands tall, not just as a geosynthetic specialist but as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. The success story of Geofabrics, intricately woven with Oreta’s expertise, is a beacon for businesses navigating the complex realm of IT infrastructure.