Cloud Services (Public / Private / Hybrid / Multi)

While Public cloud adoption is increasing at a rapid rate, most organisations will operate in some sort of hybrid environment. Statistics from multiple industry analysts suggest that over 70% of organisations are planning for a hybrid/multi-cloud future. But what do these terms actually mean?

Hybrid cloud typically refers to operations running on both private/on-premise and public cloud and Multi-cloud is utilising services from multiple public clouds. People use these terms interchangeably but in essence, they are all trying to achieve the same ends, utilise the best solution for the company.

As a cloud-focused organisation, Oreta understands that cloud is an enabler for your business - a means to an end and not the end game itself. We can help you understand the best ways to leverage all these technologies options. We have a range of services that can take you through the entire journey, or fill a particular gap in your strategy.

Cloud – Advisory

Cloud Strategy read more
Having a documented cloud strategy improves your organisation’s agility and productivity when deploying new products and services. This is achieved by setting direction for: optimising application design, management and governance and setting a framework for determining cloud right rather than cloud first approaches.

Cost Analysis read more
Before you shift to cloud, Oreta will help your business avoid any unnecessary costs by calculating your cloud running costs against your business requirements and highlighting areas for optimisation or refactoring.

Readiness Assessment read more
Oreta’s Cloud Readiness Assessment provides a practical, strategic, and phased methodology for successful cloud adoption. We understand business needs, capture as−is, analyse as−is against target architecture and recommend a roadmap
The outcome is to provide
  • - Suggested workloads for cloud adoption
  • - Cloud readiness of infrastructure and operations
  • - Best fit cloud delivery model
  • - Roadmap & TCO

Cloud Kick-Off read more
The cloud kick off is designed to whiteboard requirements, discuss cloud options and demo capability for one or more business services in the cloud with the goal of developing a design and roadmap for a blueprint. It assesses where your organisation is on the Cloud Maturity scale and selects a first mover and migration approaches (Tactical−Just move, Strategic− Move then Change, Transformational −Transform Cloud native.

Cloud – Delivery

Cloud Blueprint & first mover read more
Oreta will design and implement the cloud foundation based on the Blueprint and your business's best practice and compliance requirements. We will deploy ƒ migrate your First Mover defined in the Cloud Kick−Off to the cloud to ensure connectivity and performance requirements are met.

Infrastructure Build read more
Oreta can design and implement a cloud infrastructure that best meets your business needs and achieve optimal security and connectivity. .

Migration &/or transformation read more
Migrating applications to the cloud is a journey that needs to be assessed under the light of Cloud Right rather than Cloud First. Based on the output from the Readiness Assessment, Oreta works with your organisation to migrate or transform your applications to the cloud. This is achieved through outcome based approaches or augmenting your IT team with SME's to achieve the end outcome.

Backup & DR
Containers/Kubernetes read more
Determine systems that will run in a container environment and design stateless microservices that can add great value. Kubernetes manages your containers to ensure minimal administrative effort.

Cloud - Operations

Managed Cloud & Kubernete read more
For many organisations, Cloud and Kubernetes are brand new. We will ensure your environment is always running securely and optimally to guarantee best ROI.

Cloud Optimisation read more
Oreta experts work in collaboration with your technical teams to evaluate the performance of the deployed cloud services and provide recommendations for your applications and operations teams to action, including:
  • Reviewing instance sizing to ensure compute and memory allocations have been sized optimally and ensure billing constructs and available discounts are being maximised.
  • Reviewing storage allocation for performance, archives, unnecessary snapshots.
  • Review alerts and quotas and optimise against business need.
  • Re−evaluating the platform you are on and continuously remain fit for purpose in an constantly evolving environment.

Backup & DR read more
Design and implement a backup solution to meet your technical and financial needs. Design and implement DR solutions to support your Business Continuity Plan Manage and administer backups and Disaster Recovery in line with your Service Level Objectives.

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