Determine the right cloud strategy for your business – do cloud right. Cloud can can be very confusing and may appear expensive. We will calculate appropriate hardware requirements as well as intangible costs, providing you with the best possible cost reductions to your business. Review your infrastructure and applications to determine their suitability to cloud. Ready for cloud but don’t know the best first step? Cloud Kick-off give you a foundation and confidence to cloud right. Design and Implement a cloud foundation based on best practice and compliance requirements. Move non-critical application to the cloud to ensure connectivity and performance requirements are met. Design and implement a cloud infrastructure to meet best practices and business requirements to ensure secure and reliable connectivity. Investigate current business applications and determine interconnectivity and cloud requirements. Determine workloads that can be transformed to cloud native tools to simplify and reduce management requirements. Determine systems that will run in a container environment and design stateless microservices that can add great value. Kubernetes manages your containers to ensure minimal administrative effort. For many organisations, Cloud and Kubernetes are brand new. We will ensure your environment is always running securely and optimally to guarantee best ROI. With the ever changing cloud ecosystem, Oreta will continuously re-evaluate the platform you are on and adjust so it's always fit for purpose. Design and implementation of a backup solution to meet your technical and financial needs. Manage and administer backups and Disaster Recovery in line with your Service Level Objectives.
Cloud Services (Public / Private / Hybrid / Multi)

While Public cloud adoption is increasing at a rapid rate, most organisations will operate in some sort of hybrid environment. Statistics from multiple industry analysts suggest that over 70% of organisations are planning for a hybrid/multi-cloud future. But what do these terms actually mean?

Hybrid cloud typically refers to operations running on both private/on-premise and public cloud and Multi-cloud is utilising services from multiple public clouds. People use these terms interchangeably but in essence, they are all trying to achieve the same ends, utilise the best solution for the company.

As a cloud-focused organisation, Oreta understands that cloud is an enabler for your business - a means to an end and not the end game itself. We can help you understand the best ways to leverage all these technologies options. We have a range of services that can take you through the entire journey, or fill a particular gap in your strategy.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Gain a deep understanding of your current environment and gain the necessary insight to address issues before making the next steps. The assessment gives you visibility of performance data of your environment, mostly invisible to organisations, but critical for determining your future requirements. Typically we see customers being able to save at least 20% of their current capacity by using tuned configurations of their systems. We also give you accurate cloud pricing for the 3 key hyperscalers based on your as-is and tuned configurations. All leveraging the up to the day service provider pricing that allows us to look at your specific configuration options with just a few mouse clicks. We help you understand what could and couldn’t run in Public Cloud and help you create a roadmap for your next steps.

Cloud Strategy & Design

Once you have a roadmap, determining your detailed requirements and how they would be implemented is critical. Many organisations are comparing on-premise costs to Public Cloud and finding it is a complex process to compare these accurately and determining what the pros/cons will be for your business for each option. Typically, organisations start with lift & shift ideas but this approach can miss out on many of the great business benefits of cloud (think auto scaling & automation). We help you make sense of the options, in the context of your business, and how you design your cloud needs to maximise their benefits. Our designs are completed by architects certified by our partners (e.g. Google, Azure, Cisco). These designs can then be used for implementation by your own organisations, Oreta or another 3rd party provider.

Cloud Implementation & Migration

Migration from your current infrastructure to your new location is at the heart of what Oreta does. Whether you are moving to public cloud, private cloud or a combination of both, we have the tools and expertise to get it done on time and on budget. You could be doing a lift and shift or a move and improve to IaaS and PaaS or potentially you are refreshing your infrastructure to a pay as you use model. All these still have the same fundamentals. It is running your business and downtime and outages cost money and potentially your reputation. Our experts can take you through the options and help you understand the best process to meet your requirements. We customise the approach for you business using our standardised process and tools which keeps costs down and timelines as short as possible.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud can deliver many positive impacts on your organisation, but only if you it is deployed and managed appropriately. Public Cloud, in particular, has introduced many new features and services that haven’t been available to on-premise IT shops. These features can also introduce higher levels of complexity and with skills to run these in production environments, still low, the risk to your uptime can go up. Oreta has a dedicated, Australian based support team who have been specifically trained to support hybrid cloud environments. We are currently supporting the following platforms with certified engineers and architects:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Azure
  • Cisco Hyperflex (running VMWare)
  • Converged Infrastructure Platforms (e.g. Flexpod)

We provide 3 tiers of support services that match with your business uptime and risk profile. You can select a mix of tiers depending on the criticality of your application and business process. We are providing managed services to private, public and government organisations with a stringent governance program.

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