Our Team

The team that makes the dream work.

Why do we call ourselves Oreos?

We ran an internal competition to come up with the perfect noun that was fun, child-like and raised curiosity. Oreos was the winner with an overwhelming majority. Oreos are employees or contractors of Oreta. We like to think we please and delight as much as our namesake, the chocolate sandwich cookie.

Our box of Oreos is made up of:

- Zealous Cloud Advocates who work with our customers to accelerate their journey to the cloud.

- Cloud Architects who develop and guide the implementation of a customer’s cloud strategy.

- Cloud Ninjaneers who deftly dance between predictable and exploratory styles of work.

- Customer Success Executives who master the balancing act of aligning customer and Oreta goals.

- Project Managers who are notoriously busy and stressed, but don’t lose their sense of humour along the way.

- Business Managers who keep the internal operations of the company humming and who we need to stay happy so that we can be paid.

- Marketing Unicorns who make our geeks look cool and our techno mumbo jumbo understandable (like most of what you read on our website!).

- Chief Morale Office (CMO), Darcie. You’ll often find her chasing after visitors or running after people as they head to the bathroom. Always there for a cuddle when the everyday stresses all get too much and a great reminder to get out and get walking. You can follow Darcie’s antics on Instagram @darcie.the.cavoodle

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