The CRN Impact Awards are designed to celebrate technology providers that deliver customer organisations with successful outcomes, building Australia’s innovation economy. Network Evolution award recognises networking projects that connect teams and organisations, speed up communications and break down silos between teams, data, and environments.

Oreta in partnership with Telstra was able to provide a comprehensive solution with scalability, extensive support and innovative technology to Apex Steel which led to improvement and transformation in all aspects of their network and security infrastructure.

The implementation of the project was highly collaborative with extensive planning, analysis, design, implementation, and testing to make sure it led to a successful and well received launch. This in turn had a positive on flow on customer satisfaction, cost reduction and allowed Apex Steel to focus on their holistic company vision without allowing technology to be a bottleneck in their goals.

As the final awards presentation on Thursday, August 25th quickly approaches, Oreta will be waiting with eager anticipation to celebrate the winners.

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