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May 23, 2019
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July 14, 2019

Why we took the leap from Microsoft Office 365 to G-Suite

So why did a company like Oreta, who was born in the cloud, with a heritage in Microsoft Office 365, take the leap to G-Suite? We’ll explore the reasons why we made the leap from 365 to G-Suit in these next two blog posts.

It took a top-down decision to make the change to G-Suite’s productivity tools that we’ve grown to depend so much on in the workplace such as Email, Instant Messaging, Hangouts, Wikis, Calendaring, Shared repositories, documents, workbooks and presentations. After appointing a G-Suite champion (our very own Maksym Hlushko, Senior Project Manager), Oreta embarked on migrating users to G-Suite including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites. It sounds disruptive, and it certainly was. But with a pilot, a controlled roll-out followed soon after and it was a success.

Although migration from any legacy system is a challenge, especially when it comes to change management; Oreta leveraged the CloudMigrate tools along with our G-Suite champion (Maksym) to facilitate successful cutovers in a short time frame.

G-Suite is not just about technology but a way to drive transformational change in the way you approach business. Oreta took their staff on a journey and it was an opportunity to:

  • Review how you architect your file servers (in our case reducing the unnecessary hierarchy and making it easier for staff to find the documents they require to do business efficiently)
  • Move from a traditional folder-based view for email and files to labelling and groups to simply filter data from multiple angles
  • Surface those important emails that used to be lost in the inbox through leveraging Googles AI automation to predict what email is important based on your past decisions.
  • Support true real-time collaboration on documents, files and slides whilst in a hangout or online with your partners and customers.
  • Reduce the overheads on desktop platforms and supporting mobile devices with G-Suite working on any Chrome browser. Any device at any time. Simply log off at work and log on to your home device and your office follows you. This could be good or bad!

But this was not all plain sailing. There were a number of decisions that had to be made including:

  • Configuration of identity and managing dual mail systems during the transition
  • A decision to be made on do you clean up you file architecture, before or after you move
  • Do your worksheets have embedded macros that need refactoring
  • Links in the legacy systems that need remediation
  • Do you let staff utilise the Office suite in parallel to G-Suite for a period to acclimatise to the new tools or do you turn off the Office 365 suite to ensure adoption!

Look out for the next chapter on migrating to G-Suite where Maksym, our G-Suite guru, will take you through details on the process and benefits.

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