See Cisco Container Platform (with GCP) in action at the Oreta stand.

Join us at
Telstra Vantage

Come and visit Oreta’s stand where our team will demo Cisco Container Platform (with GCP). This demo will show true hybrid flexibility leveraging the latest technology from Google and Cisco. We will be running multiple containers in a cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). We will be introducing an additional container which will be running from an on-prem system into the rotation that will be seamless to the end user. True hybrid cloud is now possible!

We’ll also be showcasing how to leverage a range of GCP tools such as Machine Learning / Big Query / Cloud SQL to have incoming customer tickets to be routed to appropriate support resources. This routing is base on natural language APIs that can sense the tone of the message to the correct team gets the message and even look at what priority the ticket needs to be given.

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