At Oreta, our motivation is to help organisations transform their businesses to be the best in their field. We seek to gain a deep understanding of the businesses of our customers and bring their ideas to life by bringing technology to bear.

Tamara Boldiston

Tamara Boldiston

Customer Success Manager

Tamara is an accomplished Sales Leader with a proven track record in delivering on targets in a variety of settings, building business and managing successful service delivery and project teams. With 18 years’ experience in the ICT world including the last 5 years in project delivery and consulting, she moved into the Cloud more than 3 years ago. She joined Oreta to help its customers understand whether Cloud is the pathway for them and which Cloud is appropriate. Fundamentally focused on how to optimise Cloud for business outcomes and exploit its scale and flexibility. Having been a connector all her life, Tamara is fascinated by data management and the implications for data gravity, privacy, governance and its impacts for storage, retrieval and security. In her home life, she is active in the Melbourne creative industries having co-founded a business 6 years ago.

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