Villa Maria

Villa Maria Catholic Homes (VMCH) provides the highest quality of care to around 6,500 older people, children and adults with a disability, their families and carers across the Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Business Challenges

  • VMCH relocated their offices, transferring 150 employees and over 50,000 physical documents.
  • With the new move, the management had an agenda to minimise the storage space and costs of the physical documentation.
  • Various forms of documents including A3, A4 and photos needed to be digitalised and made available to employees.

Results Achieved

  • Uplifted the VMCH capability from managing isolated physical documents to Office 365, a cloud based document management system, that facilitated knowledge sharing for the 150 employees.
  • Collected, scanned (to searchable PDF) and uploaded over 50,000 documents against 150 employee OneDrive accounts providing role based access.

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