Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) has grown to be one of Australia's leading automotive companies with over 3,800 employees producing the Toyota and Lexus motor vehicles.

Business Challenges

  • TMCA’s goal to be an innovator, advisor and leader in strategic use of technology for TMCA was being constrained by the legacy on premise systems and their readiness for migration to cloud.
  • The future downsizing of TMCA with the loss of manufacturing and workforce reduction will result in a reduction of IT Budget which will impact the current on premise service delivery model.
  • Certain applications are mandated by the parent company in Japan to run on non commodity infrastructure preventing a full service migration to cloud.
  • The lack of maturity of the cloud SaaS offerings for automotive manufacturing in the marketplace reducing the business case to go to cloud.

Results Achieved

  • Oreta was engaged to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy and roadmap. The project consulted 33 TMCA employees and assessed the current TMCA IT environment, their technology strategy and known IT requirements.
  • An evaluation was performed against the TCMA IT service portfolio and four industry Cloud providers, namely Azure, AWS, IBM and Telstra. The output included providing a feature set comparison and total cost of ownership in relation to the current on premise delivery model.
  • Oreta provided recommendations that focused on cloud best practices including:
    • A proposed cloud hybrid approach that would be best suited to TMCA
    • Applications and infrastructure remediation activities enabling transition to cloud.
    • Operational and procedural capability uplift suggestions.
    • Foundational cloud services for Azure and AWS ensuring governance and security frameworks are established.

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