Operating in both Australasia and the UK, the McMillan Shakespeare Group’s business divisions collectively provide expertise in novated leasing, salary packaging, associated Fringe Benefits Tax administration and management, operating leases and asset management for ‘tool of trade’ vehicles and other business assets, retail finance, insurance and warranty.

Business Challenges

  • Business growing through acquisitions
  • At least do “more with the same”
  • Agile response to project needs
  • Infrastructure life cycle refresh
  • Data centre location
  • Costs of running Disaster Recovery solution

Results Achieved

  • Completed an IT infrastructure strategy, including assessing the existing infrastructure and recommending a target infrastructure, providing a roadmap of activities on getting to the target infrastructure, providing a services capability structure required to support the target architecture and providing a total cost of ownership.
  • Completed an assessment of the infrastructure and service desk IT Operations processes against ITIL and industry best practices.
  • In the process of implementing the recommendations from the IT Operations assessment.

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