Linfox provides supply chain solutions to leading companies across the Asia Pacific. Linfox were looking for a cloud solution so that they can shutdown their traditional data centre and focus on their core business - ”Delivering service excellence and adaptable supply chain solutions across Asia Pacific.”

Business Challenges

  • Traditional data centre delivery constraining rapid provisioning of services; reducing business agility..
  • Opex services limited due to Capex infrastructure..
  • Resource utilisation inefficient and lacking optimisation.
  • Traditional data centre management taking focus off core business objectives

Results Achieved

  • Detailed design and migration strategy to move 198 servers to CSX Gen 2.
  • Consultation with key stakeholders and third party service providers.
  • Assessment of current projects, environment, network, people and processes.
  • Remediation activities enabling transition to cloud.
  • Proposed DR architecture leveraging CSX Sydney; removing dependency on the on-premise facilities.

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