Application Transformation - OCS

Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company, with more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Visy were looking for a cloud solution so that they could move from early cloud adopter (infrastructure) services to leverage Hybrid Cloud capabilities.

Application Transformation - OCS

Customer Vertical: ICT

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Pre-Google Challenges: As part of a wider program to identify applications that would be suitable for a migration/transformation, the Online Charging System (OCS) was presented as an ideal candidate. Their current environment operated purely upon a physical server infrastructure that operated within the customer’s DC. This environment provides limited scope for growth, is end of life with high replacement cost, no ability to improve development times and high management costs. They were also not aware if the application stack was able to operate in a cloud based environment

GCP products used: A combination of Compute Engine, Cloud Storage

Success post GCP: The transformation was successful for the OCS team as they got to understand the overall complexities of their environment and initiate a set of changes with the application vendor to ensure success in the future. We were able to assist the team through the transformation process and explain the relative pros/cons of various Google technologies to suit their expected needs.

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