GCP Cloud Enablement

Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company, with more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Visy were looking for a cloud solution so that they could move from early cloud adopter (infrastructure) services to leverage Hybrid Cloud capabilities.

GCP Cloud Enablement

Customer Vertical: ICT

Location: Sydney, Australia

Pre-Google Challenges: In early 2015, the customer employed a ‘Cloud First Policy’, mandating that cloud should be considered first before any other platform when developing applications. This was driven by several factors:
  • Capacity on the legacy platforms has reached the limits of its capacity and upgrading or expanding it is seen as financially unviable.
  • Customer does not want to be tied to any one cloud platform for IaaS and thus, for strategic and business reasons, require GCP to be added as another Cloud service provider to mitigate these risks.
  • Customer’s billing costs on the other pubic cloud providers has exceeded original expectations and the GCP offering is seen as a way to reduce these costs.

GCP products used: GCP IaaS, Direct Interconnect, IAM, Stackdriver, Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Cloud KMS

Success post GCP: Once the Google / Customer Contract has been signed and the Operational readiness process completed, the customer will migrate ~2,000 workloads from internal servers and other public clouds to GCP. A POC has been delivered as a separate project to test the platform, methodology and process with a successful outcome.

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