Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) creates liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities that support jobs and growth in Victoria. DELWP’s portfolio covers Environment, Climate Change and Water, Planning and Local Government. The 3000 staff deliver a number of services including services related to reducing the impact of fire and other emergencies on people, property and the environment.

Business Challenges

  • DELWP were running their production and test applications (600+ servers) for business as usual and emergency services in Telstra’s legacy platform (CSD). The cost of maintaining these environments was becoming more expensive for both Telstra and DELWP.
  • There was a requirement to assess the current environments and recommend one of the cloud environments or a combination of cloud environments offered by Telstra including Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Netapp/Cisco FlexPod and Telstra CSX.
  • There were existing challenges related to overly complex network design, federated identify management, disaster recovery, burst capability requirements and operational overheads that arose during the project that were considered in the final recommendations.

Results Achieved

  • Identify the best-fit cloud platform for DELWP; and provide a set of recommendations that DELWP can utilise to form a roadmap to transition from the Telstra CSD environment to a New Cloud platform.
  • Oreta engaged with 25 stakeholders, and worked closely with technical & business resources from DELWP, Telstra, Microsoft and IBM to provide a comparison between four key cloud platforms; Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Netapp/Cisco FlexPod and Telstra CSX.
  • Oreta listed the advantages and drawbacks for each Cloud service provider in relation to the DELWP business requirements.
  • Oreta provided a recommendation based on a number of factors including: platform suitability, migration readiness of applications, in-house skills and resources and total cost of ownership.

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