Dedicated Interconnects – Large Retailer

Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company, with more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. Visy were looking for a cloud solution so that they could move from early cloud adopter (infrastructure) services to leverage Hybrid Cloud capabilities.

Dedicated Interconnects – Large Retailer

Customer Name: Large Australian Retailer

Location: National with Head Office in Sydney, Australia

Pre-Google Challenges: The customer was very interested in accessing multiple Google services such as BigQuery.
  • They have a very large data footprint as well as security concerns over leveraging internet based connectivity. This limited the initial scope of assessing the suitability of GCP services.
  • A highly secure, high performance network was needed to open up the full capability of the platform to their needs.
  • Managed network service

GCP products used: Dedicated Interconnects, Load Balancing, Cloud Router, Cloud storage, Compute Engine

Success post GCP: The network implementation now provides high secure network connectivity to GCP that is also fully integrated into the customers broader network and fully managed.
The high bandwidth network has allowed the customer to now complete multiple GCP PoC’s/MVP’s that were previously considered too complex based on internet based connectivity. Some of these projects include Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Dataproc and Dataflow.

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