Backup & DR

Data is your most valuable asset. Losing data is a disaster by itself, and can cause even more disastrous consequences if it is not restored in reasonable time.

Backup & DR

Why You Should Act

Operating without a backup and recovery plan increases the risk of lost data, productivity and revenue, as well as loyalty and reputation. Therefore, it is critical to have a backup and recovery plan that is regularly tested.

How We Can Help
  • We assess, design, deliver and manage backup solutions to meet your requirements. We configure the backups based on policies that suits your business needs. You may choose to retain data copies for 1 month or up to 7 years and restoration can be of a particular file, folder or an entire network drive. Our solutions use leading industry software that includes file compression and block-level de-duplication to reduce backup times, file size and therefore storage costs. We cater for both online and offline copies of your data to protect against ransomware or where you data needs to be remain archived indefinitely.
  • Based on your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and price point we can assess, design, deliver and manage Disaster Recovery solutions to meet your requirements. We can replicate your servers between Australian-based data centres in different states so that your business can stay online no matter what disaster hits your primary location.

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