Application Integration Services

With the proliferation of digital business initiatives such s such as cloud-first, mobile-first, API economy and Internet of Things (IoT) projects; there is a need for a new architecture that integrates anything from anywhere.

Application Integration

Why You Should Act

As application integration technologies are becoming more diverse so are the integration challenges, with PaaS-, SaaS- and open-source-focused vendors producing lower-cost and specialised platforms to support application and cloud integration requirements. It is critical that your organisation has the strategies, practices and technologies needed to build an enterprise wide integration capability that serves as the foundation for digital business.

How We Can Help
  • At Oreta we take a holistic approach by aggregating multiple integration technologies into a set of hybrid integration platform (HIP) capabilities. We combine on-premises integration platforms, integration platform as a service (iPaaS), integration software as a service (iSaaS) and API management capabilities into a single, yet modular, enterprise capability.

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