Meet our Founders

The marvelous duo who made Oreta a reality from an idea

Our Founders

Sachin and Rajitha created Oreta in 2014 to address a gap in the market to enable mid-size companies realise the benefits of cloud computing. They were friends who became parents to a new born business. Although different in skillset and personalities, they share common values and beliefs, and this gives them both the confidence to take risks, experiment and explore knowing that the other has their back.

You will hear Sachin before you see him. And when you do see him, he is usually late. Sharply dressed, he is often seen sporting a pocket square.

Sachin has a knack for attracting and influencing people and is often tagged the Master Networker. When Sachin gets his teeth into something, he isn’t giving up until he wins. Sachin works hard and parties harder, he is often the last man standing at the bar and the first to pop the cork at work on a Friday afternoon. He is also a people person – family, long-standing friendships, acquaintances and drinking buddies are all given prominence in Sachin’s world. When he isn’t wheeling and dealing for Oreta, you will find Sachin spending time with his gorgeous daughters, taxiing them to their various activities, shopping with them or even enjoying a night in watching Netflix.

With over 16 years’ experience in the IT Industry, Sachin’s early years were working for a global systems integrator providing consulting services for large companies in India, UK and the USA. In 2006 he moved to the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne – to call it home. A large part of this career in Australia was working for the big ‘T’ in delivery management in Telstra’s billing, digital and Cloud divisions. In 2015 Sachin co-founded Oreta to address a gap in the market to provide middle-tier businesses with the opportunity to realise the benefits of cloud computing. Sachin’s leadership and entrepreneurial flair have enabled Oreta to receive accolades and recognition in the IT industry, and his thought leadership has seen him participate in a number of corporate and industry forums.

You can view some of Sachin’s impressive awards here.

Rajitha is the Steve Wozniak to Sachin’s Steve Jobs and the Paul Allen to Sachin’s Bill Gates. Sachin is ever the dreamer and visionary, but it is Rajitha’s discipline and rigour that transforms those ideas to reality.

Her razor sharp focus on execution was born from her 13+ years at Accenture where she worked with fortune 500 firms across the globe to transform their businesses to be more effective, more efficient and more relevant to their customers.

Having advised and consulted for many corporations at the top end of town, Rajitha’s heart today lies with the underdog, ever ready to create the next David vs Goliath story. It’s this passion that drove her to start up Oreta and create a vehicle to drive small to medium businesses to compete on the big stage through the power of cloud computing.

When she is not helping transform businesses, she is helping to transform the lives of the less fortunate through her numerous philanthropic engagements, which include supporting disadvantaged women start a new career and feeding and supporting the homeless and forgotten.

Never one to sit still, Rajitha is constantly reinventing herself, always learning and adding new facets to her life. When she is not working, Rajitha enjoys adventure holidays such as hiking Macha Pichu, conquering the trails of Yosemite National Park and hitting the ski slopes in Europe and America. She spends her quieter moments, tinkling on the ivories and spoiling her dog ‘Darcie’.

She is the recipient of a number of Awards and accolades which include:

  • Finalist at the 2017 & 2018 ARN Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA)
  • She has spoken at various forums including doing a promotional video for “Go Girl”, a free IT Career showcase for girls in secondary school, allowing her to reach and encourage hundreds of young school girls to consider a career in IT.
  • She has setup an Oreta Education Fund for Women in IT to encourage women to further an education in the field of IT.
  • She (through Oreta) has funded a Grad Girls program run by Vic ICT for Women, allowing female IT students to discover and understand the pathways available when taking the next step in their career.
  • She was the driving force behind setting up Oreta’s first work experience program targeting high school girls
  • She initiated Oreta’s first internship programme targeting female university students
  • She has mentored with Fitted for Work, an organisation that helps women experiencing disadvantage get into work and keep it

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