Hybrid Container Platform

Hybrid Container Platform

Hybrid Container Platform


If you’re like the majority of organisations today, you have some sort of proof of concepts (PoC) assessing the potential benefits of containers, and you're comfortable with the concepts and benefits of containers in general - keep reading.

Containers and associated products such as Kubernetes are offering a massive change in how organisations operate. Promises of being nimbler and faster to market are driving many organisations to invest in projects to evaluate the potential.

For many organisations though, they are lacking the skills and understanding of existing requirements and their integration to move much beyond niche deployments and PoC's. Public cloud platforms such as Google Cloud are leading the charge in making the underlying platforms easier to take advantage of, but the requirement is, all to public cloud. For many organisations, this just isn’t possible.

For non-public cloud requirements, building your own Kubernetes stack, in your DC, is also an option. This requires much greater knowledge of the underlying environment stack, how it runs and scales and how to secure it. Finding the people with these skills beyond the basics (i.e at scale and for production) is nearly impossible.

So Containers can give you what you want but can’t easily be deployed the way you want it? Or can it?

At Oreta, we partner with Google and Cisco and have been working closely with both to develop our capability to deploy and true hybrid container platform. We are leveraging both Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as well as the recently launched, Cisco Container Platform (CCP), to offer a turnkey deployment that gives you the best of both worlds. The on-premise component is leveraging all the standard open-source technologies but is fully supported by Cisco, removing the need for expensive resources to design and manage.

Multiple deployment options are opened up, allowing for workloads to be run from both locations. You can:

  • Load-balance between on-prem and public cloud depending on where access is coming from
  • Develop in public cloud for cheaper resource and deploy production on-prem for compliance
  • Create a seamless integration into legacy environments as you go through a digital transformation

At Oreta, we have spent plenty of time evaluating and deploying containers for ourselves and our customers. We have gone through many of the pains that you are probably experiencing, and we have the expertise to help you move beyond them. We can assist with all aspects of your project, from design through deployment and hand-over.

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