Google Cloud Summit ’18 Sydney – Australia’s premier Google Cloud event.

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Cloud Summit '18

The future of cloud is taking shape in Sydney.

Save your spot for Google Cloud Summit ’18 Sydney – Australia’s premier Google Cloud event. At this free one-day event, you’ll join thousands of cloud enthusiasts to learn, explore, and interact with the latest in cloud technologies.

Come and visit Oreta’s stand where our team will demo Cisco Container Platform (with GCP). This demo will show true hybrid flexibility leveraging the latest technology from Google and Cisco. We will be running multiple containers in a cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). We will be introducing an additional container which will be running from an on-prem system into the rotation that will be seamless to the end user. True hybrid cloud is now possible!

We’ll also be showcasing how to leverage a range of GCP tools such as Machine Learning / Big Query / Cloud SQL to have incoming customer tickets to be routed to appropriate support resources. This routing is base on natural language APIs that can sense the tone of the message so the correct team gets the message and even look at what priority the ticket needs to be given.

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Get deep insights on:

Modernise IT infrastructure:

Modern, cloud-based services can increase agility and fuel innovation. Learn how modern architectures can help you take advantage of the cloud’s benefits.

Accelerate application development:

Serverless tools help developers ship code faster and with fewer bugs. Learn how companies are building business value with new approaches to app development.

Rethink the way you manage data:

From cloud-native data warehousing to self-service AI, we now have the tools to stop thinking about how to manage data and start focusing on what we can do with it.

Transform how teams work:

Learn how intelligent cloud tools help you spend less time searching for files or scheduling meetings, and more time actually collaborating – using any device from anywhere in the world.

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