Tap into Google’s Cloud-Based Machine Learning Platform

There’s nothing artificial about it. It’s real, and yours for the taking.

Whether it’s language analysis & translation, audio & image recognition, or large-scale learning models to rapidly solve business problems, Google Cloud Platform’s Machine Learning APIs can bring unrivaled intelligence to your decision making.

Google Cloud Platform Offerings

Google Cloud provides security, scale and control providing you with value across the following areas:


Value Proposition


The Google Cloud Advantage

Secure and trusted infrastructure

Companies can rely on Google to reduce their infrastructure and data management costs

Flexible pricing approach

Google pricing is simpler, based on a per-minute rate, pay only for what is needed

Built-in data protection

Google believes customers should not be required to choose between security and cost


Security is deeply embedded in Google Cloud

Let Oreta Take You Further

Oreta is a Google Cloud Platform services partner. We’d love to help you gain the Google advantage so that you can reduce your infrastructure and data management costs, pay for only what is needed and be provided with built in data protection.

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