Digital Transformation

Small and midsize businesses face the same security threats as larger ones, but have less resources to deal with it. You don't control the attacks, but you can control your readiness.

Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation encompasses a wide range of strategies from optimising existing solutions to complete transformations either refactoring and replacing applications and associated polices & processes. Determining your best course of action should be directed by the business outcomes and strategies that have been put in place.

The common use cases for Digital Transformation is to either disrupt in new markets or prevent being disrupted in existing. Both use cases bring their own risks for IT departments and their ability to adjust. It is imperative that senior management are engaging with appropriate business stakeholders early in the strategy and ensuring appropriate alignment of resources.

Technology assessment as part of Digital Transformation projects also carries large numbers of risks from leveraging existing SaaS platforms to re-factoring existing applications to suit new objectives. While leveraging SaaS solutions can be the quick path, ensuring 3rd parties are meeting security and privacy policies can be difficult. Re-factoring can be costly but done correctly can extend competitive advantage. Cloud promises are plentiful but determining the fit for your requirements can be difficult and time consuming. Building internally or subcontracting is a complex decision and can be clouded by personal agendas.

  • Digital Transformation projects need to be well defined where everyone is working to a single set of outcomes
  • Technology assessment can be complex with many vendors over promising and under delivering.
  • Strong program management is needed as outcomes are not always guaranteed and scope creep can be catastrophic
  • A free assessment workshop is available for organisations looking to kick off a new Digital Transformation project or looking to get an existing one back on track
How can we help

Oreta has years of experience in helping organisations understand their business outcomes and design appropriate technology solutions that go beyond the hype. If you have a digital transformation project either in planning, or even if you have started but feel progress is off-track, then reach out to us for a conversation. The initial workshop is free, where we talk through your goals and assess your existing strategies and give you our expert analysis on the best course of action.

If you have a new project ready to kick off but are struggling to secure funding or have an existing project which is behind schedule and failing to deliver, give us a call.

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