Cloud Environment Assessment


Cloud Environment Assessment


If you’re looking to move to public cloud and have had a play around and think it’s time to get serious – let’s chat.

Not sure of your current environments readiness to move?

If you’ve heard some horror stories on cloud cost blowouts and have moved to AWS but the numbers just don’t stack up then we need to talk.

Public cloud offers some huge benefits to organisations if they’re leveraged correctly. Done incorrectly though, things go sideways very fast. Where possible it’s best to start off on the right path but in many organisations, this isn’t the case.

Let’s dive deep into your existing VMWare environment.

At Oreta, we think the best way to tackle the cloud is to assess your current environment properly in the first place and get a true understanding of what you really need. Our Environmental Assessment is designed to dive deep into your existing VMWare environment and understand what is going on today, so we can tailor the right public cloud design to meet your real needs.

How we analyse your environment in real-time.

Working with our partners at CloudPhysics, we analyse your environment in real-time without the need to deploy agents to your VM’s or hosts. We get detailed information on all aspects of your environment without compromising your security posture. Over the course of the assessment we analyse your peaks and troughs and come up with configuration scenarios for you in public cloud.These scenarios then have associated public cloud costs aligned. What’s best is that you can see this directly from the portal yourself, in near real-time.

Problems or configuration issues that are identified will be notified to you and you can take immediate action to remedy them. We provide a post assessment workshop to discuss the outcomes of the report and how to make use of the data in designing your cloud environment.

If you better want to understand your existing environment and what your potential environment looks like – give us a call

Contact us to discuss your requirements with our team of passionate experts.