Business Transformation

Small and midsize businesses face the same security threats as larger ones, but have less resources to deal with it. You don't control the attacks, but you can control your readiness.

Business Transformation


Digital transformation is a high priority topic for many organisations, but the reality is that many projects move very slowly, fail to deliver on objectives and is seen as, ultimately, unachievable.

Many organisations fail to consider the impacts of such transformational efforts on their organisations culture and how employees will react to the change. It is imperative to take everyone on the journey and build a culture of inclusion and support.

According to a 2018 Gartner survey of mid-sized enterprises, 59% plan to follow their digital ambitions by both optimising and transforming their business for the digital era.

The same report also stated that only 16% of these organisations have delivered against their plans with anecdotal evidence suggests that failure to address business foundations as a cause for progression. Similar issues are occurring for organisations who are looking to gain a competitive advantage without undertaking a transformation. Shadow IT is causing significant friction between business and IT, mostly from a lack of collaboration and a misunderstanding of goals.

  • Digital transformation requires an associated cultural change that will support new ways of thinking, build trust and empower employees to think outside the box
  • Well defined goals aligned to the business strategy that are clearly articulated from the top down
  • Organisational alignment of business stakeholders and application owners towards a common goal
  • Build both top down direction and grassroots collaboration
  • Addressing shadow IT through engagement and collaboration
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At Oreta we understand the critical nature of incorporating the appropriate business change into your transformation. This requires a bi-directional approach, both top-down but also bottom up. Setting an appropriate tone and direction from senior management while developing a grassroots belief in the change with a culture of inclusion and trust.

We have a range of tools and programs to help bring teams together, develop a common set of goals and a culture that supports the fundamentals of transformation.

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