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What can be achieved using Google App Maker?

In this blog post, Don (our very talented Senior Cloud Architect) explains what Google App Maker is and how it can help businesses solve problems.

How does Google App Maker help?

Google App Maker suits companies or start-ups that either don’t have large engineering or software development teams or those that don’t want to spin up shadow IT, but still want to be able to build enterprise-grade applications with a focus on business workflows. It helps those looking to replace tools such as Microsoft Excel with enterprise-grade applications.

Skills required to use Google App Maker

The scripting language used by Google App Maker is JavaScript, which is used in both the Browser (Client) or Server. The Server’s runtime environment is Apps Script which provides access to a vast library of G Suite services for common operations with Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar and other services.
App Maker streamlines the process of writing code by providing an intuitive Code Editor.

Prerequisites for using and running Google App Maker

Google App maker is part of G Suite and therefore requires access to a G Suite account. The other prerequisite is if you want to store data, you will need access to Cloud SQL.

What can be done with Google App Maker

Below is a list of some tasks that can be streamlined with the use of Google App Maker:

  • Reporting and dashboards can be quickly built
  • Helps build workflow apps and solve business issues with connectivity to Google Cloud SQL
  • You don’t need a deep-down knowledge of app development to make use of it but basic JavaScript knowledge and a good understanding of software architectures.
  • Built-in security at a granular level from G Suite and GCP
  • Integrates easily with Google products like calendar, maps, and others
  • There are many templates available here

Here are some videos from large clients around the world who are using Google App Maker and how using it has solved their business challenges: How ATB Financials in Canada made use of Google App Maker (check the video link below from 11 minutes to 15:54 minutes).

Here’s another example that you can view from 20 minutes to 23 minutes.

If you want to give Google App Maker a go, then here is the official step by step guide from Google.

We’re currently assisting our customers to trial Google App Maker, so if you’re interested in speaking with us, please feel free to send us your message here.

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